Healthy Crockpot Recipes Round 2


A few months ago I shared a few of my favorite healthy crock pot recipes.  I love them and apparently so do y’all, so I’m back to share a few more!  All of these recipes pass this Registered Dietitian’s test for a healthy dinner, and this mama’s need for something quick, easy, and delicious.  None of these recipes include cream-of soups.  You can find my rant on cream-of soups and my homemade substitute on my blog.

Here we go, healthy and delicious!

healthy crockpot recipes round2

Last week I came up with a super simple and very, very quick crock pot pasta dish.  I needed to go to the grocery store, so I had to work with what I had in the house.  I used a bag of frozen chicken breasts, a can of marinara sauce, a can of tomatoes, frozen spinach, and spaghetti to make a quick dinner.

crock pot sauce

Love this classic type meal with a few healthy substitutes — chicken for a heart healthy protein, spinach for a source of vegetables, and whole wheat spaghetti to get a serving of whole grains in.  You can find the full recipe over on my blog.

One word: fajitas.  Seriously delicious and the pictures on this post have me drooling over that fresh cilantro.  These veggie fajitas look so delicious and are definitely very healthy — low in fat and full of great nutrients with those colors — you can’t go wrong with this healthy meatless option.  Check out the recipe from Amuse Your Bouche.

I love pasta e fagioli.  It’s full of vegetables, it’s got some meat in there, too, and is it a pasta dish or a soup?  I don’t know, but I’m very happy with the middle ground.  Put this one in the slow cooker and enjoy the richness of flavor when you’re ready for dinner.  Just be sure to use lean ground beef (at least 90% lean) to get a good, healthy meal.  You can find this slow cooker recipe at My Biscuits are Burning.

I have 2 recipes to share from the Mix and Match Mama.  First up is a crock pot chicken taco recipe.  I like her suggestion to use whole wheat tortillas as it definitely adds an extra bit of nutrition to the meal. This recipe packs in some good stuff and offers protein, fiber, and bold flavor.  If you choose to top yours with cheese, choose a low-fat cheese for a healthier option.

Next a balsamic chicken recipe.  This one is full of flavor without compromising on nutrition.  Love recipes like this that are simple, delicious, and heart healthy.  Serving over brown rice is an awesome way to get a whole grain in your family’s diet.

And if you have some favorite crock pot recipes that call for cream-of soups, don’t worry — you can make them healthier by using my much healthier homemade substitute!

My friend, Becca, introduced me to the bags that line the crock pot, and I owe her big time for making my life easier.  I used to spend so much time scrubbing out my crock pot after I cooked in it, but with the bags, all I have to do is throw the bag away and quickly rinse out my crock pot or stick it right in the dish washer.  No stuck on stuff, no mess.  It makes crock pot cooking even easier!

I hope you enjoy these recipes!  What are some of your favorite crockpot recipes?


  1. I love my slow cooker! My favorite recipes, though, have to be babysat – they require only 4 hours of cooking, no good for days I won’t be home until late. I need to check out some of these and see if I can add to my repertoire!

  2. I had not heard of the bags to line the crock pot before! Good to know, because it always takes a lot of soaking and scrubbing to get the pot fully cleaned. Fun recipes too!


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