Easter for Under $25



Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays. It is the perfect “new beginning” to me, spiritually and mentally. My family moved to Knoxville in 1993 from Jacksonville, FL, and my first introduction to the city was right around this time. So Easter sort of defines Knoxville for me. Growing up in a rather boring area seasonally, it’s so lovely to see the massive change that happens during this time of year. The tulips and hyacinths start bravely popping up, there are jonquils (my birth month’s flower) everywhere, and Dogwood trees are now deep-rooted in my heart! It’s like the whole city wakes from Winter’s slumber.

Easter is also special to me because of many memories of past years, special people and events (my hometown of Saint Augustine hosts an Easter parade every year), and how much my mom tried to make it special for us. So I try to do the same for my kids. And this Easter is even more special because back in December, the oldest two Monkeys asked Jesus into their hearts! 

Since we’re trying to be responsible with our money, I limited myself to spending $25 total on Easter this year: decorations, eggs, everything. So the first place I went was to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I have noticed in the past that they put their seasonal items on sale before the actual holiday. I was able to get plastic eggs, sprinkles, an egg coloring kit, and an Easter craft kit all for $13.50. At Kroger, I bought eggs, cookie dough and frosting, and four small canisters of Playdough for $10.37. So in total, I spent $23.87. Here are the results:


This craft kit was an AMAZING find! It had plenty of supplies for us to make several items. It would probably work for a group of 15-20 kids easily! I have tons leftover, so I’ll be putting these away for next year.









I did have some supplies from last year, such as the ric-rac and front door bunny, so that helped keep the budget down. And the Playdough didn’t last long:


Can you tell which cookie was Mom’s, and which was Monkey #2’s?


Overall, we had a blast though. And the house is full of pastel Easter wonder! Mission accomplished!!!


What are some of your favorite Easter crafts?



  1. Easter crafts! Who’d a thunk? These are adorable! Squish is all about the crafting. I should let him try some bunny cut-outs. My favorite thing is getting stuff on sale after the holiday for dirt cheap. And then forgetting where I put it and having to buy full price stuff anyway.

    • Yes, I’ve been so bad about that in the past! Moving with the military didn’t help either. But I’ve learned to box and LABEL WELL!

      I was so pumped about that kit, and sadly, there was only one left. I’m hoping there wasn’t a rush on the store, lol!


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