Girl’s Got Mox: Summer’s Favorite Shoes


Let me set the scene for you. I was getting ready to leave the house one day, all ready to go with my husband and two kids, and I couldn’t find my shoes. I couldn’t just wear any shoes; they had to be my Mox. Rather than just throwing on a pair of flip-flops or grabbing a pair of my Target flats, I spent approximately 25 minutes searching high and low for these shoes. The shoes, the only shoes.

If I’m being completely honest, I might as well donate all of my other shoes because these are the only ones I reach for.

Knoxville Moms Blog is excited to partner with Mox Shoes through this review and sponsored post. Our whole team has fallen in love with them!

My Mox shoes arrived in the mail approximately a month ago, and not a single day has gone by without them on my feet at some point. Not. One. Day. Even through three days of a work conference in Washington D.C., I didn’t put on any other pair of shoes. They carried me all over the giant city (even when I probably should have been wearing heels for networking). My feet didn’t sweat, they didn’t smell (at least not like they do when I wear my other flats), and most importantly, they didn’t hurt. For a shoe without special soles or memory foam, they are shockingly comfortable and just plain adorable.

In the past month, they have endured a large amount of infant spit up, baby food spills, and soapy bath or bubble splashes. For a month of straight wear, they still look relatively new because they clean easily and they are so flexible. Basically, you’re wearing the best version of jellies, just reinvented with a major upgrade. I was a little wary that they might rub a little or I could only wear them for a few hours before my feet would be pooling in sweat, but all of my fears have been assuaged.

C’mon – they are cute. 

And the colors, oh the colors. With eight amazing choices, it was hard to decide, but I chose latte, which goes with everything in my entire closet. I’m already planning to collect the other seven colors so that I can really start donating the rest of my shoes. I promise you, I’m only a few more hours away from swirl-imprinted tan lines.

The only complaint that I can possibly think of is that when December rolls around, I might look a little silly rockin’ my Mox in the snow…but again, if I’m being honest, I highly doubt that’s going to stop me.

I’ve worn them so much, I already have a tan line.

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