Girl, You Can Still Be Saved By a Prince


Girl, You Can Still Be Saved By a PrinceIn the midst of the Me Too movement women are more empowered than ever. Social media is on fire with women supporting women, women are standing up for themselves and women are taking over politics. #bossbabe #ladyboss #girlpower #feminist #forthegirls

The list goes on and on. What a time to be alive for women!

With all the women empowerment and the #metoo movement, men are getting a bad reputation. Rightfully so, for some. But what about the good guys? What about the princes out there that can scoop you up and save you? I am not talking about being a damsel in distress and needing to be saved. There are times in your life you may need a friend, a business partner, or the need to feel safe in a world of scary situations.

In high school I was surrounded by an amazing crew of wonderful guys. Guys that I hung out with every weekend. Guys that I went to the movies with. Guys that toilet papered with me {also, what a time to be alive!}. Guys that were, and still are, some of my best friends. These guys saved me. They saved me during a time of mean girls and high school drama. They saved me when another boy broke my heart. They saved me when I just needed a friend. I have added some new guys since high school, namely my husband and a few brothers-in-law. The men in my life have my back in good times and challenging times.

A few weeks ago I had a rather rough day — the pinnacle of a few rough months as I started a business. I don’t want to admit that there were tears that day, but there were quite a few tears that day. That night, my husband’s brother sent me a text filled with words that created more tears, but in the best way.

“Hey, I heard you didn’t exactly have the best day but I just wanted to drop in and say that I’m super proud of you for everything you are going to accomplish. If all this was easy then everyone would do it. You following your dreams is awesome and so motivating for all of us. Keep going strong and it will all be perfect soon enough.”

This is why we still need men in our life. We don’t always need a man to feel whole, to define our own lives, or to provide for us. We need men for the friendship. For shoulders to cry on, to cheer us on, and be there for us.

Not all men are bad. Girl, you can still be saved by a prince.

Thank you to all the men in my life, past and present, for saving me exactly when I needed to be saved.

{Disclaimer: Being “saved” can be interpreted in different ways. This post is supporting the good guys that have positively impacted my life.}


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