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Stitch Fix
Y’all… I am THE LAST person you want writing a post on fashion. Trust me.

Here’s the rub.

There are a few frustrating things about me when it comes to fashion:

  1. I’m a tightwad.
  2. I have zero fashion-sense, and
  3. I have very low body-confidence.

Especially after two kids, a three-year-long lazy streak, and getting used to wearing other peoples’ hand-me-downs.

If you can relate, then read on, Momma. This post is for you!

You see, I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes right now. I don’t like the ill-fitting clothes I have. I refuse to spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes that I’m not sure I’ll have the confidence to even wear. I don’t have many REASONS to dress nicely, or dress my age (outside of jeans and t-shirts). And when I walk into a store, I freeze or my kids are driving me so completely nuts that the thought of an hour in a dressing room makes me cry. So instead I buy cute things for my kids, a box of Little Debbies, and call it good.

Basically, my closet was in desperate need of a throwdown, no holds barred, grown-up MAKEOVER!

… but I had no idea how or where to begin. I couldn’t wait until I lost weight or got back in shape. I couldn’t wait until I had tons of money to splurge on expensive popular styles. I just needed something to get my year started off right so I could look my age and have the confidence and motivation to get healthy again.

The point, ladies? I needed help. Professional help.

Enter: Stitch Fix.

Style Cards
Style Cards for my Stitch Fix Pieces

You’ve probably heard of it, but in case you haven’t, it’s quite simple. You pay a $20 non-refundable styling fee. Answer a bunch of questions about yourself. Choose examples of what kinds of styles you’re into. Then they send you a box with FIVE clothing items hand-picked just for you. You get the chance to try them on in the comfort of your own home. If you like it, you buy it. If you don’t like it, you send it back. No charge.

I was sick of being stuck, you guys. I was sick of not liking my clothes. I was sick of wearing the same boring things over and over. I was sick of not feeling comfortable or looking my age or having the time to try on clothes that would make me feel like a confident Mom. So I sat down one day and just said, ENOUGH! I registered, answered the questions, and bit the $20 bullet.

Four days later I put on a fashion show for my husband.

Now, before I get to the punchline, here are a few things I loved about it:

  1. No overwhelming stores and cramped dressing rooms. (Did I mention I have two kids?)
  2. Someone else (with fashion sense) shops FOR you!
  3. You have a chance to try styles you may have never chosen on your own.
  4. They are super high quality items, so you FEEL great in them.

Normal Me and Stitch FixI loved it. I am SO glad I did it. I was thrilled with almost everything my stylist chose for me. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

But guess what…

I didn’t buy a single thing.

You heard me. My Stitch Fix experience was the best thing that ever happened to my closet and I didn’t even buy any of the clothes!

The number one reason? They were ridiculously expensive.

For example, she sent me light blue skinny jeans that were SO soft and SO comfortable and had awesome little details… 80 whoppin’ dollars worth of awesome details!

My favorite shirt (that I almost bought) was a lightweight floral blouse with a neckline that I LOVED. It was pretty. It was flowy. It was grown up. I looked great in it. But… not $55 great.

So I sent them all back… AFTER I took the styles and cuts and colors that I loved and went shopping! It’s true. I went to Kohl’s with my Stitch Fix in hand, hunting for THAT neckline, THIS material, THOSE jeans. I felt like I was on an episode of What Not to Wear and had just been let loose with my inspiration pieces.

Inspired Pieces

You see, here’s how Stitch Fix changed my closet… er, life:

  1. It inspired me to try new things.
  2. It guided me towards clothes, colors, and cuts that were flattering and stylish.
  3. It gave me the confidence to shop for and actually WEAR beautiful, comfortable, more stylish clothes.
  4. It made me feel good about my body — just the way it is.

So while my wardrobe isn’t a Stitch Fix haven, I would call my new clothes and my new direction “Stitch Fix-Inspired.” I guess having your own private stylist can do that!

Best $20 ever.

Little eyes
After all… feeling good about yourself is IMPORTANT because there are always these little eyes watching!

This obviously isn’t the only way to use Stitch Fix. If you have the money to buy the clothes, they are great quality and beautiful! If you’re looking for something special for a coming event, they can tailor to your needs. They have maternity clothes! And if you’re wanting to be bold and brave and try something totally new… they can do that, too!

Here’s what other KMB contributors are saying about Stitch Fix:

C:I had a few bad fixes and their customer service was incredible. They gave me another stylist and the next fix I bought EVERYTHING. (Which I never do.)”

S: “I called it my Christmas Miracle Box!”

J: I have only tried Stitch Fix once – and unfortunately I LOVED like 5 of 6 things in the box.”

R: “I love Stitch Fix!! I’ve been doing it for over a year now & am not so patiently waiting on my next fix!”

We just really believe there are several ways that busy, tired moms can benefit from such a program. If you have tried Stitch Fix, how was your experience?


  1. Love this post sister and love the outfits you put together! You are right, it IS important to feel good about yourself. Now bring those new outfits to my house for a visit and lets go shopping 😀

  2. I just got my first Fix a couple weeks ago. I loved everything in it…but it didn’t all fit on my body. This after-3rd-baby body is hard to dress…but I did keep a really adorable jean jacket. I have had no luck finding a wash or fit that I liked, but have been wanting one and my stylist did amazing with it!!

    • After baby bodies are just HARD! I think I always have in the back of my mind that “I won’t look like this forever… I’ll work it off eventually… I’ll get back down to (highschool) size again. HA!” So I’m NEVER comfortable because I’m never content. I think I learned that it’s important to be comfortable right where I’m at! So glad you got a great jean jacket! It is fun when they nail it.

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