Five Solo Vacation Ideas That All Mothers Will Love


Five Solo Vacation Ideas That All Mothers Will LoveHave you ever heard of a Solo Vacation? Yeah, I hadn’t either until recently, but I am now planning my first one and am so excited! I don’t have a mom squad with whom to go on a girls’ trip and while I would love to travel with some of my friends, all of us have such crazy busy lives. The notion of us being able to get together for a vacation is laughable, but I need a trip.

I need to energize myself and have a good time. I need a break. So I did some research on some amazing and fun solo vacations.

Of course, there are precautions that women need to consider while traveling alone. It’s still not safe for a woman to be alone and that is just the sad truth. Make sure people know where you are at all times. Check in regularly. Take the necessary safety precautions you would on a normal basis. I even had one friend and fellow Knoxville Moms contributor mention the idea of having a Silent Vacation where you travel with a friend, split the cost, and make sure you check in with each on a frequent basis. With a Silent Vacation you don’t have to do things together unless you want to.

So here are a few ideas of solo vacations that I thought would be great for any momma that needs just a little bit of a breather.

  1. Workshops or retreats. There are plenty of workshops and retreats that you can take. While researching, I found several different awesome themes, including: quilting, crafting, art, yoga, photography, meditation, and spa.
  2. Go glamping or camping or rent a cabin! One of my favorite things to do is watch the world wake up in the wilderness, while quietly sipping my coffee. Of course, the “quietly sipping my coffee part” never happens anymore with three kids, but just getting out in the wilderness and enjoying the great outdoors sounds absolutely divine. There are some great glamping resorts nearby. Townsend is a perfect getaway, but Tennessee State Parks also have some wonderful places to stay. Just be sure to let people know where you are at all times, especially if you go on a hike.
  3. Go to a nearby city like Asheville, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, or Nashville. There is so much to explore in all of these beautiful cities: food, culture, sights, shopping — you name it. Oh, just the thought of having a nice glass of wine with a quiet dinner at a local restaurant followed by some shopping sounds amazing!
  4. Spend some time at the beach! Enough said.
  5. Take a Volunteer Vacation. If you have a particular passion, use it to plan your next vacation. Whether it is cleaning an ecosystem, helping a specific vulnerable population, taking part in social justice, working with vulnerable animal species, or something entirely different, this is a great vacation idea for anybody who wants to give back.

These are just a few amazing Solo Vacations ideas. The possibilities are endless. What kind of Solo Vacation would you want to take?


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