Five Minutes, Four Affordable Products


Five Minutes, Four Affordable Products
I want to preface this by saying a few things:

  1. Nothing is sponsored; I’m just trying to help some gals out. I like easy and want to share easy with others when I find it.
  2. My expectations of my daily appearance have drastically lowered since COVID-19. Most video meetings for work are with messy buns and I do not care. So this routine is my max 95% of the time.
  3. I have eyelash extensions and have for many years now. They are worth every penny for my short, blonde lashes. I save tons of time and don’t have to deal with mascara.
  4. I have recently switched my skincare to a combination of this bar and this moisturizer, which I believe have really changed the game for me to feel comfortable with minimal face makeup.

I have timed myself a few times and I usually finish this application in under five minutes. It’s very simple and makes me look less “rolled out of bed to take my kid to school before this meeting” ish.

  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser ConcealerMaybelline Instant Age Rewind Multi-Use Concealer Medium To Full Coverage - 20 Light - 0.2 Fl Oz : TargetThe ultimate beauty product: concealer. There is a reason this product has 40k reviews on Amazon with nearly 5 stars. It’s affordable, you can pick it up while grocery shopping, it lasts a good while, and it works reaaaaally well. I usually swipe it on with the sponge and then blend with my foundation brush.
  • Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Pencil : Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil, Blonde, 1 Count : Beauty
    I have blonde eyebrows that I would like to say I get beautified regularly, but I don’t. This is the best product I have found for filling in eyebrows, which I have been doing (albeit, poorly there for a while) since before it was the latest beauty trend. The tip allows you to do light strokes that look like real hair, giving you a very natural finish.
  • Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Cherry Blossom
    Mary Kay Makeup | Mineral Cheek Color In Cherry Blossom | PoshmarkI tend to shy away from MLM products, but Mary Kay has been around for years. I tried this product three to four years ago after hosting a party and fell in love. It takes very little to have the perfect bit of color, so it is well worth the price since it lasts ages.
  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick, Nude Creme : Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Nude Crème, Cruelty-Free Nourishing Lip Stick in Vibrant Shades, Pink Lipstick, 0.14 Ounce : Milani Lipstick In Nude Creme : BeautyI’ll be honest; my favorite natural lipstick has been discontinued and I don’t think I will ever find the perfect replacement. This one is my latest and I like that it doesn’t dry my lips out, bleed, and it’s a quick, smooth application. It also looks pretty natural, providing just a touch of color against my pale skin. I wouldn’t say it lasts all day, but honestly I don’t really pay attention to whether it does or not, because as it fades and wears off. It blends naturally so it’s not like you see my bright red lipstick coming off.

And that’s it! If I had to get rid of all of my makeup, these are the four products that I would fight to keep. Even though there are a couple more I really love, they aren’t part of this daily 5-minute routine. The total cost of all four of these products is around $32 and all but one can be picked up with your regular grocery order. Easy, peasy!

Do you have any affordable and recommended beauty products that lend to a quick and mom-friendly routine? I would love to hear about them!



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