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With strange times gradually moving into the rearview mirror, many families are realizing that the show must go on. Households must still be managed, activities and academics must still be balanced, all while maintaining the health and well-being of our children. But let’s face it, the last few years have been hard on kids. Some have thrived while others have struggled. Some have blossomed while others have wilted.

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The reality is that many children are struggling to catch up or keep up academically after the past few years. Which is why over 40,000 families have been so thankful to find GoPeer tutoring to help fill in the gaps that COVID has left behind.

GoPeer Tutoring

GoPeer is an online, 1:1 tutoring service that strives to make high-quality tutoring accessible for all families. They desire to match school-aged children with a qualified and available college student who is eager to help them learn and grow academically while also building interactive, social relationships in a fun online classroom.

Our family had the privilege of trialing GoPeer’s tutoring program and we were thrilled with their easy-to-use, personalized service. The online platform was easy to learn, each tutor we met was eager to answer all of our questions, and my children really enjoyed the unique online experience.

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My daughter is in fifth grade and struggles a bit with math and science. She doesn’t struggle enough to qualify for pull-out classes or after school tutoring, but every now and then we come upon a concept that she can’t quite grasp. I’ve seen her get discouraged and watched her grades plummet, all while feeling very helpless as a parent. As we approach middle school, I know having GoPeer tutoring available to us as-needed will be a lifesaver! In our trials she found the tutors funny, honest, and engaging. They were excited to build a relationship with her while desiring to see her succeed. Best of all, they were not her mom! I couldn’t ask for more qualified individuals to build a village of support around my pre-teen.

GoPeer TutoringMy favorite part of GoPeer was how easy it was to find a tutor. We were able to search over 150 subjects and could preview each tutor before requesting a class. Several tutors engaged with us right away in the chat box, making themselves available to answer any questions we had. We could even interview the tutors before deciding who was the best fit!

I appreciated the diversity of the college students, from different backgrounds, a variety of respectable universities, and a plethora of majors. From Kindergarten readiness to ACT prep, GoPeer has a qualified tutor to match every need!

Our first tutor, Justin, who is pursing writing in New York City, was the perfect guy to interview for my daughter’s 5th grade career project. She wants to be an author/illustrator one day and she was excited to find out what inspired him to begin writing and how to grow as a writer. In our interview he shared his strengths as a tutor and how he really seeks to connect with each student as a friend before guiding them to the help they need.

GoPeer TutoringAnother tutor we met, Tacy, lives in Costa Rica while tutoring with GoPeer and going to school full-time. My kids thought that was so cool! She was a pro at using the GoPeer platform to truly engage her students. It features all of the technology of an online meeting, but with the addition of educational games and resources that she can tailor to each class. She loves using the screen-share feature to engage students with applicable YouTube videos, and then can use the scratch pad feature or the coding feature to take her tutoring sessions to any level the child needs!

GoPeer is definitely an accessible, affordable tutoring option to meet any family’s needs. It is perfect for use as a short-term boost in a challenging subject or as a long-term solution for a struggling child.

It would be ideal for a busy work-at-home parent who needs help with homework time. At the flat rate of $20/hour, it could also be an affordable supplement for homeschool families! The best part? Once you’ve logged on, your child could be in a tutoring session within 30 minutes! So don’t waste another minute struggling over homework. Sign up now at to find your child’s perfect match!

GoPeer Tutoring

Don’t forget you can use our link and code for a free trial!

Use this link and code: citymom20 free $20 credit and a free 7-day trial!


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