Bad Santa Photos: A Christmas Tradition


Bad Santa Photos: A Christmas TraditionIs it even the Christmas season if you don’t get a picture or your kid crying on Santa’s lap? I can remember being SO excited to sit with Santa each year! I was never scared of him. You could even say I was his biggest fan considering I believed until I was 12… (Thanks, Mom). Needless to say, when I started having kids of my own, I was buying Christmas outfits in September and prepping to meet The Big Guy.

Lo and behold, my kids were not Santa fans.

The more moms I talk to, the more I realize this is just going to be our Christmas tradition for the next few years. And, thankfully, I’m not alone! At least this yearly endeavor is creating photos we can all pull out each holiday season and laugh at for years to come.

Check out some of the KM Contributor’s bad Santa photos below and let’s all giggle together:

Caitland O. 

Julia C.

Jamie M. 

Natalie R.

Kara M.

Laura O.

Kara W.

Rachel D.

Do your kids love Santa or no?

Leave us some pictures in the comments!


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