Favorite Design Trends for 2022

Favorite Design Trends for 2022
{Romantic details, warm tones and natural elements were seen everywhere at this 2022 market. Image via The Back Porch Mercantile.}

The new year is here and with it come new goals and new things to look forward to. It’s the perfect time to look at everything with fresh eyes! Every year, there is always a great debate of what’s in and what’s out in the interior and fashion industry. It’s always exciting to see the new materials, forms, patterns and influences.

There’s always mixed feelings about trends and truthfully, your home should reflect you. Homes are always changing and evolving with our lifestyle. It’s exciting to see what changes year to year and what we want to incorporate into our homes.

Here are a few trends we are excited about for 2022:

{Modern traditional beauty by Jean Stoffer at The Madison House. Romantic wallpaper and the modern light fixture are the perfect juxtaposition.}


{Modern traditional bedroom design for a client. Board by The Back Porch Mercantile.}

Traditional style is back.

As we move to spending more time in our own spaces, we long to return to the feeling of comfort and warmth. This look is very timeless and collected.

Warm materials and colors.

Natural materials, terracotta and stone were making an appearance in a big way. Usually just reserved for fall months, they are creating a warm and comforting atmosphere year-round.

{Beautiful art, lamps and lush greenery make a warm and inviting kitchen. Image via Jean Stoffer Design.}

Thoughtful kitchen accessories.

Kitchens are getting more attention with beautiful lamps and art. We are excited to incorporate beautiful and practical items into our kitchen such as handmade cutting boards and pottery, marble pieces and other natural materials.

{Beautiful bedside table detail via April Tomlin Interiors.}

Romantic textures and patterns.

From wallpaper to furniture, we are adding more whimsical touches to our homes. Using florals in wallpaper and accents, reeded elements and scalloped edges add dimension in neutral spaces. They also are a beautiful juxtaposition against the clean lines of modern elements.

These are just a few of my favorites I picked from this trip to market. What are your favorite trends that you are excited to try?


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