My Favorite Nursing Clothes


My Favorite Nursing Clothes I am six months into nursing my third child, and one of the biggest differences this time around that I never would have expected has been – of all things – my wardrobe. I’ve nursed three children now, and between my first and third child, it feels like my options for clothing have changed dramatically. 

If you’re nursing or have ever nursed a baby, you’re probably familiar with what I started out doing: the classic two-shirt method. Grab a low-cut tank top and put a t-shirt over the top and voilà! Instant nursing attire, just latch baby! This method was the one I used the most with my firstborn, especially since the primary nursing clothes I could find back then were nursing bras and tank tops. It was about the only way I could stay slightly modest when I was out and about, and I still felt uncomfortable enough to want to wear some sort of nursing cover. 

Today, however, I have an entirely new wardrobe of nursing clothes that I’ve bought from several different places. I can nurse comfortably and modestly in front of friends and family without showing much skin. 

Here are some of my favorite nursing clothing brands for you to check out:

Latched Mama


This company specializes in nursing clothes you can buy and wear while you’re pregnant that will be flattering on pregnant and postpartum bodies. I’ve purchased quite a few clothes from this brand and really enjoy how inclusive the sizing is. 


  • They offer a wide variety of clothes to choose from, including shirts, athletic wear, dresses, and even leggings.
  • Their clothes are loose enough to fit over pregnant bellies but generally fit well after pregnancy, too.
  • The company is owned by mothers who work hard to put together cute clothes that flatter all sizes and shapes.
  • Most of their clothes utilize a two-layer approach where the top layer of the shirt/dress lifts in some manner to expose a second layer for nursing, which is great when it’s cooler and helps you to stay covered.


  • Sizing can be a bit difficult to pin down. I found I went down a size in most of their clothes, and this is true for a lot of women I’ve talked to.
  • The fit is usually loose, which I like for some things but also prefer more fitted items that can be harder to find in this brand.
  • There are a variety of colors and patterns, but I’ve noticed many of the patterns are florals. (If you like florals, this is probably a pro, but for me, it’s not my favorite.)

Nursing Queen

This is another small business that makes some fun and flirty clothing for nursing mamas. They have a great variety of clothes for women and have some different types of nursing openings to test out.


  • They also have a variety of different clothing styles that are somewhat more sophisticated and trendy in look. 
  • They have some two-layered looks similar to Latched Mama, but they also use hidden zippers, especially in their dresses. 
  • Their business casual patterns and types of clothing might appeal more to working mothers for pumping.


  • Zipper openings can be somewhat tricky to use one-handed and require a bit of finesse to use effectively.
  • They’re a bit more limited in their styles and types of clothes. 
  • They tend to sell out of popular styles and sizes quickly, so if you like something you see, you want to catch it when it’s there.

Kindred Bravely

This brand is great for shopping throughout pregnancy and postpartum and even beyond. In fact, they have a sister brand (Davy Piper) that caters to all women. 


  • They have a good selection of supportive nursing bras and looser sleeping bras
  • For those who prefer different materials, they have organic cotton and bamboo collections. 
  • The majority of their clothes come in solids or stripes in beautiful colors that can easily fit into most wardrobes. 
  • This is really just a bonus, but their joggers are ridiculously comfortable and pair well with nursing hoodies.


  • If you like patterns, they’re harder to find in this brand.
  • Some of their items, like their jumpsuit, don’t have as many privacy panel options for coverage.

These are three solid brands I’ve tried and really enjoyed to make nursing easier and also give me back a wardrobe that I can wear and feel good in. I have a few honorable mentions that you can check out as well if you need more online shopping in your life, too! 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Peachymama: They recently shut down their US operations, but I have hopes they’ll open back up. In the meantime, if you find any of their clothes for resale, check them out because they are so comfortable and cute! 
  • Pink Blush: They do have nursing clothes (and maternity), but many of their nursing clothes are less sophisticated than the other brands and don’t have privacy panels.
  • Blanqi: Known for their supportwear and excellent products especially for c-section mamas, they offer a limited selection of bras and tops with their supportive structure for nursing.

Do you have any other brands to add to my list? What nursing clothes have you found and loved?


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