Fall Ideas for Everyone


Fall Ideas for EveryoneY’all it feels like fall. As of today, we have had a week of fall weather and it has been glorious. Those of us who have been around here for any amount of time know that it’s probably not here to stay. We usually get the “false fall” first and then go back to what feels like summer weather for a while. I hope this beautiful weather is here to stay this year. {Crosses fingers and hopes hopes hopes, but knows better because I’ve lived here long enough to know.}

With the beginning of fall weather and October coming around the corner fast, it is officially time to get into all things fall.

I’m going to break out the decorations, start baking pumpkin things, and commence all fall activities. I’ve put together some easy fall ideas to do with your kids this season. Whether you have very young kids or teenagers, these are things that can be done with kids of all ages. While this year has been different, there are still a lot of fun fall activities that we can safely do while social distancing.

Pumpkin baking

All things pumpkin are on the table now that it is officially fall. Check out some of these great pumpkin recipes from our contributors: Pumpkin Bread, Easy Pumpkin Fritters and
Pumpkin Bundt Cakes. If you have younger kids, this is a great way to get them in the kitchen, and if you have older kids, maybe they can do more of the work or even make it for the family.

Visit those parks!

There is truly no better time than the fall to hit up the beautiful parks around us. This list of East Tennessee State Parks is extensive, so you are sure to find a park you love, a new park, one close by, one far away, and any other qualifiers you are looking for. The leaves will soon be changing, so check out the mountains and parks during this beautiful time of year.

Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and haunted houses

Classic fun. Lots of options around East Tennessee so be sure to check them out!

More fall fun

There are all kinds of things happening this fall. This list has some different ideas and events that are happening around town that you can easily participate in.

Donuts need love too

Picture this: you wake up on an October Saturday morning. There is a chill in the air. You’re tired and wrapped up in a blanket while holding on to a warm cup of coffee. What more do you need? You need a donut. Or two. Take the kids on an adventure to find donuts around town or just hit up your favorite donut place. Stick with your classic favorites or try a fun fall flavor.

Take it outside

Whether it’s homework, studying, or little kids playing, take it outside. When the weather is this beautiful, we can’t be stuck indoors. Relocate to your deck, porch, yard, the park, wherever you can feel the fall breeze and enjoy the cooler temps. While it’s great for kids big and little to just play outside, you can also bring some things from the indoors, out.

Pick up a new hobby

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn more about plants or do more bike riding with the family. Maybe you’ve had a hobby in mind for a while — why not make this the time to try it?

Whatever you think about fall, we hope this one will be wonderful! We hope you can enjoy the seasonal fun and the traditions and new adventures. We all need that, especially this year. And you can find ideas, tips, recipes for all things fall around Knoxville on our Fall in Knoxville page!


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