End Of Year Teacher Gifts (That They Will Love!)


End Of Year Teacher Gifts (That They Will Love!)I know you are probably saying “end of year gifts? We just had Easter!” And if you are new to May with kids in school, I’m just going to say: it’ll be a whirlwind of field trips, spirit days, class parties, and teacher appreciation plus end of year gifts…and summer break will be here before you know it. If you’ve had a kid or kids in school before, then I’m guessing your mind might have blocked out “Maycember” like childbirth and you’re going to remember it again here real soon. One big thing to plan for is an End of Year Teacher Gift that will let your kid’s teacher (or teachers, if you have a high schooler) know just how much they are appreciated for the love, care, and education they impart. Although I am not a teacher, I worked in a classroom and subbed for several years, and now use that “behind the scenes” knowledge to choose gifts for my kids’ teachers each April (because by May, I am too frazzled!).

Here are several of my go-to gifts:

Herb plants in a cute pot.

I like to gift herbs (with dirt, a plant and not just a bunch of cut herbs) because they get used up eventually and do not require the person you are gifting to have a green thumb for an extended period of time. I can usually find common herbs at grocery or home improvement stores for about $5 and then a cute pot for about the same or a little more. If you know the person loves plants, feel free to be a little more daring in plant choice.

Nail polish or lotion.

I am a big fan of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish line. It’s a two-part polish and top coat, and dries quickly, plus actually stays on my nails. Although I think every teacher deserves an entire spa day, this is an easy and quick way to spruce up their hands when they only have a few minutes. (Sorry male teachers.) Lotion is a nice option for either sex and handling papers all day dries out everyone’s hands, so it will be a hit. Go light on scent unless you know what the teacher likes.

Prepackaged snacks.

There are always going to be days when a teacher skips lunch or just gets that crazy craving at 10am. Having a few snacks to throw in their desk will be much appreciated when they come back in August. It happens way too quickly and they will be putting their end-of-summer effort into their classroom and your kids, and not planning for themselves. Things like cheez-its, nuts or trail mix, mini chocolate bars, fruit snacks, and beef jerky are easy to eat on the go or bits at a time. 

Gift cards.

It matters very little where you choose, but the option to stop for coffee, go out to dinner, or shop for themselves (or their classroom if that’s what they choose, because it’s in their DNA), will make them happy.

“Teacher” gifts.

I hesitate to add this to the list. It’s not that teachers don’t appreciate the cute Pinterest crafts or mugs that say “teacher” on them, it’s just that they have multiple students each year that will give them gifts and if they teach for any amount of time, well, you see where this is going, don’t you? If you want to go this route, instead choose things that will make a teacher’s job easier. Things like colored sharpies or pens, fun post-its, a canvas tote, or even a pack of “teacher” stamps or stickers that say things like “good job” would be useful, but not really redundant because they are consumed throughout the school year. (I know tote bags are not exactly “consumed,” but a teacher never has enough totes to carry their stuff to and from school, I promise!)

I hope these things will make gifting easier or at least put you on the path to something you prefer instead. Whatever you choose as gifts, just know that your kid’s teacher WILL appreciate the fact that you thought of them. Who doesn’t like to be acknowledged? And if any professional person in our lives needs to be acknowledged, it is 100% our teachers!

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