Dumb Phones, Smart Kids


If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know I’m not a fan of smartphones for kids. There is serious danger when we hand kids immediate access to EVERYTHING and it’s been proven that their brains aren’t mature enough to handle that kind of stimulation. But this post won’t go into that. If you are curious about my thoughts on the matter, you can read them here.

But parents need to WAKE UP. 

We can’t hand over electronic devices to our children and then stick our heads in the sand. Are we aware of what our kids face on their phones, like online predators, bullying and pornography exposure, all at an alarmingly early age? Are parents aware of what our kids know that we don’t? And are we aware of the ways in which kids go around parent protections and passwords to access all that junk? “Not my kid!,” I hear you say. Yet sadly, no child is immune to online harm. Kids talk to each other about apps which allow them to go around parent protection. Don’t worry; I’ll post about all that later. For now, know that parents need to be aware of the dangers, and be educated about what kids face on their phones and what they are really doing that we may not be aware of.

A great way to start is to just NOT give them a smartphone to begin with.

KIDS DO NOT NEED A SMARTPHONE. Again: KIDS DO NOT NEED A SMARTPHONE. A smartphone isn’t necessary in order to get a hold of them. There are safer ways to go about that. I’ve put together a list of dumb phone options parents can use to communication with their kids. I chose phones that are not only simple and easy for kids to operate and manage, but are also affordable! Heaven knows how many things my kids have broken or lost. I don’t want to break the bank every time something happens. The best thing about this list of phones is that they are all under $70.

1. The Brick

Built by Binatone, this phone offers many practical features, like a built-in flashlight, FM radio, and a battery life that puts any smartphone’s stamina to shame. Don’t forget about its bluetooth access, built-in speaker and snake game. It’s bringing the ’80s back in style and at an affordable price!  

2. Nokia 3310

This phone was first introduced in 2000. It was a brick hit back then. Nokia has made a few upgrades but overall, it’s still the same phone. The Atlantic stated, “Given the rising angst of a society run by technology, Nokia might have picked the perfect time to introduce an antidote to the smartphone.” As a parent, I couldn’t agree more! With its fresh new look, it still has all the basics like a long battery life, the Snake game, a simple camera with LED light, and call and text. This phone also allows music and has a headphone jack.


3. Jitterbug Flip

This phone was originally made for seniors, but it is perfect for kids as well. The large buttons and screen make it easy to view. A powerful speaker ensures every conversation will be loud and clear, and simple “Yes” and “No” menu buttons make navigation even easier. A dedicated 5Star button immediately connects you to highly-trained agents ready to help in case of an emergency.


4. Blu Tank Extreme

This phone is built to last. It is IP65 water resistant and dust certified, built with rubber dual injections that serve as a cushions absorbing impact. It also includes an FM radio, MP3 Player, MP4 Player and Strap insert, which allow you to securely have your phone with you at all times.

I love that companies are seeing the need to help people break free from the overwhelming need to be constantly connected. They are making great strides towards having simple communication with our children, in a safe way. Which one best fits your family? It’s hard to pick a favorite. The 1980’s girl in me loves The Brick, but you can’t go wrong with any of these dumb phones. 


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