Dads: The Unsung Heroes


Dads: The Unsung Heroes

“He is going to watch both girls by himself?” is the response I hear most often when I tell someone that my husband will be watching our children. It’s always said with a mixture of shock and awe that baffles me. I watch my children daily on my own and no one ever questions it. Why do people assume that my husband would be less qualified? Is it because he is a dad and not a mom?

How much moms mean to a family is emphasized everywhere we turn, but often fathers get overlooked when parenting praise is given. I am in no way downplaying how important moms are and how much they do for their families. Moms are superheroes, of that there is no question, but fathers are important too. I believe the stigma of “clueless father” and “lazy husband” have made it hard for the good fathers to get the credit they are due.

When I reflect on how much my husband does for our family and how much my own father means to me, I am beyond thankful to have them in my life. They both make me a better mom and a better person. So, in honor of Father’s Day, I think it’s time we say thank you to fathers in our life and in our children’s lives who have been there for us and supported us in so many ways as mothers, wives and daughters.

Thank you to the fathers who help at home. Changing diapers, giving the kids baths, getting groceries, and cutting the grass — they are willing to do it all. No chore is beneath them. They know that moms shouldn’t have to do everything, and they are ready to lend a hand.

Thank you to the fathers who play with their kids. They are never too tired to carry their children on their shoulders or to play outside. They read stories and give all the characters funny voices. “Dad jokes” are their forte and they aren’t afraid to act silly.

Thank you to the fathers who keep us sane. They realize that moms need time to themselves. They are not afraid to take on watching the kids so that we can spend time with friends or sometimes just take a nap.

Thank you to the fathers who teach. They teach how to drive, how to fish, how to change a tire, and so many other skills. They teach us which sports teams to cheer for and how to throw a curve ball. More importantly, they teach hard life lessons and they teach by example.

Thank you to the fathers who show up. They attend all the practices, recitals, games, competitions, and programs they can. And when they cannot be there, they listen intently to the play-by-plays and make sure someone records the performance. They cheer us on through the wins and the losses.

Thank you for the fathers who are dependable. Their children and wife know that they are always just a phone call away. They will be there in a flash in an emergency and stand with us during hard times. They are there for us when we need them with a hug and good advice.

Thank you to the fathers who sacrifice. Due to their job or military service they cannot be around as much as they’d like, but they make this choice because they have a duty to fulfill. They make us proud.

Thank you to the fathers who maybe aren’t actual fathers. They are family or friends who step in and happily fill that role when necessary. They make our children feel loved and special no matter what.

Thank you, fathers, for all you do. Life would be so much harder without you. Happy Father’s Day!


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