Easy but Tasty Green Smoothie


Easy but Tasty Green Smoothie
I’ve always been a fan of green drinks, indulging in one every once in a while. I’ve made smoothies before and recently ventured to create my own green smoothie. I was inspired by a smoothie I had on vacation and just knew I needed to recreate it because I wouldn’t get to have it again anytime soon! I thought I would share it here because there are so many green smoothies options and it’s hard to determine which one is actually going to have a flavor you’ll enjoy. These smoothies are also great for kiddos who need more greens in their diet because they’re still sweet!

I like to freeze my ingredients and skip the ice. You’ll need the following: 

1 kiwi, peeled
1 green apple
1 cup spinach
1 cup kale 
20 green grapes 
1/4-1/2 c. apple juice to taste


Pour all ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. That’s it!

I like to buy enough ingredients for 1-2 weeks and freeze them. This makes for a quick and easy morning breakfast smoothie or a midday snack. These ingredients fare well in a large mason jar in the freezer. You can also pour the ingredients into your blender and then once blended, place them right back into the mason jar to enjoy your drink! Easy peasy and with little clean up. Even better, take this smoothie to go in this mason jar with bamboo lid! I’m currently waiting on mine in the mail, so I can’t speak to how well it works, but I’m super excited about it! 

Do you have any good smoothie recipes? Share them in the comments below! 


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