Being a Mama Makes me a Better Time Manager


Being a Mama Makes me a Better Time Manager

I am often asked how I manage my time as a business-owning mama. Owning a brick and mortar business, licensing art and keeping up with two busy boys, is a juggling act. Some days I feel like I can do it all and some days I feel like I can’t even make a sandwich correctly.  

Occasionally, I have wondered what it would have been like starting a business before kids, but I can say with certainty that becoming a Mama gave me some time management skills I didn’t have before. It’s forced me to become laser focused on things. The more there is to do, the less time there is to waste. I am tired, but there is so much joy in this season of life.  

{I’m always thankful for friends who work alongside me and guide me with best practices on time management.}

Managing all these things has also taught me to give myself grace.

Not everything on my plate will get equal attention. Sometimes my kids need me more than the business and sometimes I have to be there for the business, and there are times I just have to say no. And giving myself grace means that laundry pile can wait a few more days, those dishes can wait and that email can be answered in the morning. I turn off all the notifications on any messenger or social media that are not vital. Doing these things has helped me immensely!

Carve out a little time for yourself. I have found the kinder I am to myself, the better I am at managing all the things that need to be done. Take 15 minutes to enjoy a little bit of coffee, watch a tv show (maybe while you fold laundry) and breathe. Not everything has to be perfect. There is lots of beauty in imperfection.  

When someone offers help, take them up on it. I used to think that if I asked for help or delegated the task, then it wouldn’t be okay. But everything turns out fine, even if it’s not the exact way you would do it. It takes a village of friends, family and staff to make it all work, and I am forever grateful to those who are always willing to lend a hand.

Even with the best intentions of scheduling and planning, it will not go according to plan. Being a mom taught me all about flexibility and learning to go with the flow. I may have planned and scheduled to make a homemade dinner, but that delivery pizza tastes just as good with my family sitting together at the table.  

You’ve got this today, Mama. Make a list, check off the important things and give yourself grace. It will all get done!


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