Back-to-School Starts with Classes at Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts


Summer is in full swing! But before we know it, the school bell will be ringing. One of the most challenging things about the back-to-school scramble is trying to re-adjust our families to routine. What if we did ourselves and our kids a favor and stayed a little closer to the line that separates our school year routine from our summer one? I’m not suggesting a “schedule,” but rather a few conscious choices to maintain some similarities between the two. Whether it’s sticking with an after school activity, keeping a consistent bed time, laying out the next day’s clothes at night or keeping screen time limits in place, a little bit of regimen now will pay off big in a few short weeks.

You may be thinking that it’s too late, that the damage has already been done, and that the only thing left to do is to dread the first day of school and pull the blanket over your head when the alarm rings. Not true! Small changes now can still have a big impact on back-to-school success. Having your child begin participating in an organized activity may be the best way to provide them the daily structure they need. When it comes to choosing the right activity for your child, there are so many factors to consider: what are the benefits of this activity, how will it work with our schedule and will my child enjoy it? How do you know which activity to choose?

Martial Arts is the clear choice when it comes to the number of amazing benefits it provides. Students learn focus, self-discipline and integrity along with self-defense. Improvement can be expected in balance, coordination and self-control leading to greater confidence. The list could go on and on! It should come as no surprise, then, that studies show Martial Arts training can lead to better academic performance.

You may be asking, “Do we have time for another activity?” We understand that active families sometimes struggle to fit it all in. Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts offers a schedule full of flexible class options. 16 classes for beginning three to 12-year-olds each week, as well as additional options for advancing students, adults and teens assure that the needs of the busiest families can be met.

But perhaps most importantly, your child is going to have a blast! Energetic, fast-paced classes ensure that all students sweat, smile and learn!

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most out of the rest of summer while also helping to ensure back-to-school success. Call Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts at (865)675-4499  or visit our website at to schedule a FREE class today!


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