Back when I graduated from the University of Tennesse {GO Vols!!}, I never thought that one day I’d be working a full time job, getting to raise two amazing kiddos with a pretty great husband, oh and by the way starting a small custom gifts business out of our house {Check out Two Blooms!} I grew up in the Buckeye state, and between college and now, my husband Chris and I did a brief stint in the Windy City. Living in downtown Chicago was amazing, but it has made me appreciate Knox-vegas even more! There are so many things to do and see here, and we are always on the go enjoying activities and trying to keep our little guy, Collier, and sweet girly-girl, Emerson, entertained. Just like my scatter-brain, I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of great random tips, tricks and finds with other mamas in Knoxville. We’re all sharing this crazy life together – and that’s the part of being a mom that’s the most fun for me!

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Who else agrees that one of the best parts of parenting is listening to the crazy things our kids say? We've had our share of adorable mispronunciations when they were both little, but nowadays I'm...

My Five Favorite Apps

Last year I wrote a post that contained my family’s list of Top Toddler Apps. I always meant to write the follow up post – about MY five favorite apps. Some keep me sane,...

Moms Gone Wild 2K15

The idea started innocently enough. A nonchalant comment made at a girls night out fueled by wine, sushi and gossip: “Dinner and drinks are great and all, but we should go somewhere. Like, really...

Those Summer Nights

I grew up during that amazing time when summers were spent almost exclusively outside. Even during those fluke, pop-up thunderstorms, we’d traipse down to the curb and collect water running down the street {and...

Taming the Closet Monster

 Like Carrie Bradsaw, I, too, “like my money right where I can see it; hanging in my closet.” Which is why I was kind of excited that I’d continue to get more than my fair...

The “Hubby Love” Post

A couple weeks ago, I posted one of those funny “e-cards” to my Facebook page. It was especially relevant, as my husband believes that the “put a plate in every other spot” method for loading...

Tech for Tots: Top Three Apps

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE that my kids are growing up in a world where they have the benefits of living with technology. It obviously doesn’t come without some...