The “Hubby Love” Post


A couple weeks ago, I posted one of those funny “e-cards” to my Facebook page.


It was especially relevant, as my husband believes that the “put a plate in every other spot” method for loading the dishwasher is fun. {It’s not, for those of you playing along at home!}

I’m as guilty as any wife of picking on the parts that drive me a little cray cray. But, if I’m being honest, what he lacks in dishwasher-loading-skills, he makes up for in so many other ways.

That’s right, ya’ll, this is a hubby love post!

And yes, I was chewing gum in lots of my wedding photos!
Yes, I was chewing gum in lots of my wedding photos!

Maybe it’s because we recently spent a great – KID FREEEEEEEE – weekend in Chattanooga. Maybe it’s because I’ve been really busy at work, and not as present at home. And maybe it’s just because he’s a great guy. But I’m feelin’ the love. Without further ado, let me tell you my top four favorite things about my main man.

  • He gives back. He has a successful PR career by day, volunteers for several local organizations, and come springtime, you can find him at the baseball fields coaching the local middle school team.
Coach Chris
Coach Chris
  • He lets me pick the restaurant. I know, I know, this may seem like a little thing. But to me, it’s huge. I like to get excited about what I’m going to eat (usually this conversation begins around mid-morning… so I have plenty of time to get my order all planned out). It’s weird. Whatever. But it’s actually bigger than restaurants. He can tell when something’s important to me, and for the most part, let’s me run with my {sometimes wacky} ideas. Does he care that I painted our bathrooms Revere Pewter? Um, I’m gonna say no. But, did he get {fake} excited with me when it was finished? Um, heck yes!
  • He plays golf. Ok, before all the other golf widows start to throw things at me, let me explain. While I wish that a round of golf took, oh, about an hour and a half to complete, I love that he has a hobby that he enjoys. He gets a couple hours away from the craziness of home life, spends time with his friends, and every time he gets home he says “I’ll stay here now, you go do whatever you’d like to do!”
  • He LOVES our kids. Now I’ll try not to get too mushy here, but all you other moms know that there’s nothing like watching your husband love your kids {and watching your kids love your husband right back!}. Often times, Chris leaves for work before our kids wake up and without fail, the first question (or second question, if they’re reeeeeeealy hungry!) is “where’s daddy?” He makes sure there’s a different food item in every one of the spots on the plate {why, oh, why did we buy so many of those dang plates!}, he reads stories, wrestles and supervises toddler golf tournaments in the back yard. He is the lego-building-monster-scaring-princess-playing apple of our eye.
What a great dad!
What a great dad!

Those are mine – now, what are yours? Brag on your honey in the comments below!

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