Tech for Tots: Top Three Apps



I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE that my kids are growing up in a world where they have the benefits of living with technology. It obviously doesn’t come without some issues, but if navigated well, can be a great educational tool.

{My thoughts on those issues, and how to solve them, will have to be for another post, on another day! HA!}

Since my “littles” are still pretty little, we haven’t had too many tech-troubles. BUT, my 3-year-old loves him some iPad time. There are so many apps and games, so to I’ve had to dig around to find the games that work best for my family.



Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

I LOVE this app for kids. It’s one of the top preschool apps for kids ages 2-5, and helps them to learn about colors, shapes, counting, matching and figuring out differences. I love that Collier is learning without really realizing it! Our favorite part is the sticker reward that is earned after each game is played.




As you can see, "we" LOVE the "puzzle paintbrush"!
As you can see, “we” LOVE the “puzzle paintbrush!”

Mickey Paint and Play

This one is – by far – Collier’s favorite “game” to play. While not necessarily super educational, it’s great for kids who are really into art. Once you download the app, your child has free reign to customize a whole Disney coloring book. They’re given lots of fun tools like pattern paintbrushes and different colors, and they can even take a photo with the device and decorate it. {Mom advice alert – the music is NOT my favorite…make sure we play this one on mute!}



PuzzingoBeach Buggy

Cute app! My tot is a master puzzler, and LOVES doing real puzzles and digital puzzles. The most popular puzzle in this app is the beach buggy. You help fit each piece of the car into its place and once the scene is complete, it becomes interactive.




What are the FAVORITE apps {educational or otherwise!} at your house?!


  1. Seriously, Peppy & Collier need to hang out. 🙂 We LOVE Mickey and puzzles and learning. I also love that some of the more expensive apps sometimes go on sale. We got hooked on phonics for free and now we’re using a free trial of ABC Mouse. After the first day she played it, she woke up in the middle of the night saying loudly “A is for Acorn!” LOL! She definitely loves her some screen time, though!


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