Back when I graduated from the University of Tennesse {GO Vols!!}, I never thought that one day I’d be working a full time job, getting to raise two amazing kiddos with a pretty great husband, oh and by the way starting a small custom gifts business out of our house {Check out Two Blooms!} I grew up in the Buckeye state, and between college and now, my husband Chris and I did a brief stint in the Windy City. Living in downtown Chicago was amazing, but it has made me appreciate Knox-vegas even more! There are so many things to do and see here, and we are always on the go enjoying activities and trying to keep our little guy, Collier, and sweet girly-girl, Emerson, entertained. Just like my scatter-brain, I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of great random tips, tricks and finds with other mamas in Knoxville. We’re all sharing this crazy life together – and that’s the part of being a mom that’s the most fun for me!

Don’t Leave Home Without It: Must Haves for Your Summer Road Trips

I grew up 320 miles north of Knoxville, so quite literally “from birth” my kids have been strapped in tightly and hauled across both Kentucky state lines. While I don’t fancy myself a professional car...

Read All About It: Books For Your Beach Bag

I’ve always been a voracious reader and in my younger days, I could easily devour a novel in a single day. Now that things like a job, two hungry kids and a never-ending laundry...

Shuck It: I Watch Pearl Parties and I Don’t Care Who Knows

Let’s face it. Moms sometimes get the raw end of the deal. We spend all day with our kids; or all day at work and then come home to our kids; or all day...

The Case for Christmas Cards

Whether you’re a staunch supporter of the “No Christmas until after Thanksgiving” stance, or a “Wow, it’s below 70, let’s decorate” kind of gal, I think we can all agree that there are SO...

When Daddy’s the Coach

Last spring, my husband Chris came to me with a wild idea. At that point, he'd been coaching the local middle school baseball team for a couple seasons and was really enjoying it. After meeting...

The Fresh Scrape

A couple weeks ago, during the normal bedtime circus, my then-just-under-five-year-old, Collier, asked if we could catalog his scabs. Used to these types of bizarre requests, I complied. We began... "This one is from where...

Cooking with Kiddos

I vividly remember bringing my first sweet 6-ish pound baby home from the hospital, nestling him in the coveted ‘Rock N’ Play’ sleeper and promptly wondering “ok, what in the world are we...