The Case for Christmas Cards



Whether you’re a staunch supporter of the “No Christmas until after Thanksgiving” stance, or a “Wow, it’s below 70, let’s decorate” kind of gal, I think we can all agree that there are SO many incredible things about the holidays – the time with family, gifting those YOU love with things THEY love, celebrating all of the wonderful memories you’ve shared, and one of my personal favorite… the merry in your mailbox, if you will… CHRISTMAS CARDS!

I know, I know, sending snail mail is quickly going the way of the dinosaurs, but there’s something so fun about racing to the mailbox and opening the little door to find something other than a bill from the pediatrician.

While not without its share of stress {picking the perfect card layout and photo — hello ‘first world problems’} and expense {I vaguely remember stamps costing under a quarter a piece??}, it’s such a fun holiday tradition to enjoy now, and for years to come.

We display our Christmas cards clipped to a piece of string hung across our mantle. My kids love getting to see photos of their friends and our family throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas.

One of my favorite views at Christmas time
One of my favorite views at Christmas time!

Then, when the agony of “dismantling Christmas” looms, I pluck off each card, punch a hole and create a little flip book to display year after year.

Photo Credit: That Village House
Photo Credit: That Village House and here is the link to download this adorable cover!

If you’re on the fence about sending cards this year… DO IT! There are still great deals to be found in online shops, Groupons and you can even use free photo editing software to make your own and have them printed at a local print shop.

I’ve pinned some great ideas for Christmas card displays on our Knoxville Moms Blog Pinterest page.

Now, excuse me while I go address some envelopes…

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