A Very Nostalgic Halloween: 80’s and 90’s Edition


A Very Nostalgic Halloween: 80's and 90's EditionMost of us have a Halloween that sticks out clearly in our memory. These memories probably have a lot to do with our costumes. If you talk to those of us from the ’80s and ’90s, you’ll hear a lot about homemade costumes being pretty common and a thing of pride for our parents. That’s not to say nobody had store-bought costumes, but I’m willing to bet they’re way more commonplace now than they were in the last couple of decades of the 1900s. (Ok, I feel ancient just saying that!)

But enough talk about the days of yore; let’s take a look at some of our Knoxville Moms contributors’ costumes and see for ourselves!

Ashley B. (left), her husband (right). Gotta love those McCall patterns!

Ashley G. – Queen of Hearts and Catwoman

Ashely G. Queen of Hearts
Ashley G. Catwoman

Beth W. – Wonder Woman

Jenny G. – Clown and Maleficent

Jenny G. Clown
Jenny G. Maleficient

Rachel D. – Pocahontas

Rachel L. as Minnie Mouse and not the only one in her class!

Rachel L. Minnie
Rachel L. Minnies


Stephanie L. – Clown

Jordan M. – Princess and Snow White

Jordan M. Princess
Jordan M. Snow White

Julia C. – Stick of Gum

What were some of your best childhood costumes? Tell us in the comments or leave us a pic!


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