A Mom’s Guide to Instagram


A Mom’s Guide to Instagram Social media has its downfalls, but sometimes it can be fun and even helpful. I love Instagram, and I have recently realized just how useful it can be. Sure, you can use it to post cute pictures, but it’s also a great place to get parenting tips, fun kids’ activities, and shopping deals.

To help you discover some Instagram accounts that you might find fun and helpful, I have complied a list of some to check out. I’ve included some of my personal favorites and ones that come highly recommended by other Knoxville Moms contributors.


I can’t help but start with this one because it might just be my favorite. The account is managed by a woman named Susie Allison who is a master at creating fun and creative activities for kids. I use ideas from this account just about every day with my toddlers. My girls love the activities, and they are usually super easy to set-up. If you need ideas for a rainy day or a day where time seems to crawl by, this is an account you need to follow.


This is another fabulous account for toddler and preschool activities. You can find posts with learning activities, crafts, and some practical parenting advice, too. At Christmas, there was even a post about the best Christmas toys to encourage open-ended and hands-on play. It was so helpful in deciding what toys to buy.


If you want your baby to sleep more at night, this account is dedicated to helping you out. It’s run by a mom who is both a neonatal nurse and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. She gives advice on sleep routines, sleep regression, sleep training, and an assortment of other sleep-related issues.


Let’s be honest; mealtimes can be stressful. This Instagram account focuses on making it easier by offering plenty of practical advice and ideas on what and how to feed kids. You’ll find tips on how to handle difficult eating situations like how to feed picky eaters, how to safely feed different foods to kids, and how to handle candy and dessert.


I don’t know what moms did before Amazon Prime existed. A friend recently told me about this account and it’s amazing! The account is overseen by three sisters who post tons of fantastic Amazon Prime deals on a wide variety of products. They post their findings to the account’s Instagram story where the products are all linked and easy to find.


This account focuses on something that, sadly, often gets overlooked – mental health in motherhood. There are numerous posts dealing with tough issues like postpartum depression, the mental load of motherhood, and how hard motherhood can feel sometimes. I love all the encouraging words and advice.


Shannon Tripp is a pediatric nurse and a birth coach. Her account is full of important child health and safety tips. She provides useful medical information on a variety of concerns like choking, CPR, fevers, head injuries, etc. She also posts dreamy pictures of her sweet family and their life in Hawaii.


This is another great account for medical information. You can find posts about topics such as childhood illnesses, pregnancy, developmental stages, and even baby poop. As an added bonus, the pediatrician who runs the account recently had a baby and she posts the cutest pictures of him.


This account is so much fun to follow. It’s run by a hilarious mom of two named Jen who finds and posts the cutest outfit and décor ideas. She also posts when sales are happening on her favorite clothing, accessories, kitchen items, beauty products, home décor, etc. Her Instagram story often includes helpful hair and make-up how-tos, outfit try-ons, and her opinions on various products she has tried.


The pediatric dietitian who manages this account has an array of useful tips for getting children to eat using her trademarked method of “Love it, Like it, Learning it.” She also shares creative ideas for what food to feed your kids, so you don’t get stuck in an eating rut. She uses an inventive approach to make food more inviting and easier for kids to eat.

What other Instagram accounts make your mom life easier? Comment and let us know. And, of course, if you aren’t following @KnoxvilleMoms on Instagram be sure to check us out there too.


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