A Love Letter To My Oldest

A Love Letter To My OldestWhen you were born, you were my world. You consumed every part of my heart in ways I didn’t know were possible. You were my learning curve. Through you, I learned how to juggle marriage, motherhood, work, and a lot of new and overwhelming emotions. I went from being selfish to selfless. I spent late nights snuggling you and long days at work missing you. Watching you grow up was hard, but it was also a beautiful ride that I miss every day.

When your brother was born, you shared the spotlight and watched the attention shift to the new baby. You were only four, but you were so excited to be a big sister. You were quiet at first. You were curious, cautious, but really just as in awe as everyone else. What was going on in your little mind? If you were jealous, you never showed it. With every month that went by, I noticed you growing more independent. You started picking out your own clothes and shoes, and then eventually picking out your little brother’s clothes and shoes. You picked up his bottle when it fell. You helped me pack a baby bag. Do we have diapers? Wipes? Snacks? Oh, grab an extra water bottle in case we need it. When we had to take your brother to the hospital, you were there to distract him from the scary things. I watched the two of you make silly faces and giggle in the backseat when times were stressful.

I watched you transition from the baby to the big kid. It was hard, but necessary. You became my little helper. You learned to be a responsible, resilient problem solver. Today, you’re a seven-year-old ray of sunshine. Even though you’re expecting yet another baby brother, you’re just as excited as the first time.

Thank you for being patient with me as I venture the journey of sharing my heart and time with all three of you. I promise to always be patient with you too.

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I live in La Follette, TN with my husband Luke and our 3 children: Amelia (8), Lincoln (3), and Arthur (newborn). I'm a kindergarten teacher in the public school system and I absolutely love what I do. I'm very passionate about education and the well-being of children all over the world. I like to write about my experiences as both a mother and a teacher. Balancing both is really tricky, and I'm still getting the hang of it. My husband, who I truly believe is the world's best father, is an auctioneer at his family business Longmire Realty & Auction Co. While we love our jobs, we value family time the most. We spend a lot of time outdoors and love to go camping all over the east coast.


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