5 Instagram Accounts To Follow As A New Or Expecting Mom


5 Instagram Accounts To Follow As A New Or Expecting MomWhen used properly, social media can be an amazing educational tool. In the large sea of “mommy influencers,” there are some fantastic women utilizing their platforms to educate and inform new and expecting mothers on the many facets of motherhood and raising babies. Keeping it simple and finding a few trusted voices is key to using social media well.

The following accounts are some of the top favorites in their respective categories among new and expecting moms:

@karrie_locher, Karingforpostpartum.com

Karrie is arguably the number one “must follow” for new and expecting mothers. Karrie is a postpartum nurse and mom of four. Her advice is rooted in evidence-based practice and personal experience. Karrie’s saved highlights are SO helpful and cover a variety of topics from prepping for postpartum, breastfeeding tips, weaning and introducing the bottle, baby wearing, self-care, baby UTIs, and much more! Karrie was featured on Good Morning America and offers an affordable infant care and breastfeeding course on her website.

@takingcarababies, www.takingcarababies.com

We all want our babies to sleep and this is where Cara comes in! Cara is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and mom of four. She shares a multitude of sleep tips on her Instagram and also has a lot of free information on her blog. Her saved highlights on her instagram page are thorough and informative. She offers online sleep courses for newborns, 3-4 months, a first 5 months bundle, and 4-24 months. You can also purchase gift cards if you want to bless a new or expecting mom with the gift of sleep!

@safeintheseat, www.safeintheseat.com

Michelle is a certified car seat safety expert for ages 0-13 and covers all things car seat and booster seat safety. She addresses common issues and misconceptions related to the topic and keeps followers up-to-date on recalls and/or product issues. Michelle also offers an online course that gives you peace of mind in knowing you are using your car seat safely and effectively.

@getmomstrong, Getmomstrong.com

Ashley offers workout programs geared toward the different phases of mom-life, including pregnancy and postpartum. She focuses on teaching you how to use your deep core and pelvic floor to address common postpartum issues like diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, painful sex, and more. She has tons of free information and workouts on her Instagram page and you can also purchase her workout program on her website. It’s never too late to work on restoring your core!

@solidstarts, solidstarts.com

Solidstarts consists of a team of food and feeding experts that teach you how to introduce real food to your baby and allow you to avoid the hassle of “baby food.” They offer practical tips on how to introduce a variety of foods and they cover topics like how to teach independent utensil use and advance oral skills. They offer numerous guides and meal plans for purchase and share lots of free information on their Instagram page.

Do you have a favorite Insta account you love(d) to follow as a new or expecting mom? We’d love to know — drop the link in a comment below!


  1. So excited to read more of Kelsie’s contributions! She has a great perspective about what really matters in life, and I can’t wait for others to be inspired by her passion for family, health & wellness, and perseverance through difficulties. Oh, and let’s not forget her kids can say “my mom was an Olympian”! She definitely sets the bar high (pole vault pun intended)!


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