Why D.I.Y. At Summer Camp {AR Workshop Knoxville}


Why D.I.Y. at Summer Camp?

Art allows children to explore themselves and let them push the boundaries of their imagination. Art ignites something in kids that sticks with them for the rest of their lives and we want to promote that confidence in creativity.

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Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

We wholeheartedly agree and also believe that being able to use tools is a great idea, too! At AR Workshop, we love helping children (and adults) find their inner artist. One way we do this is by providing ARt camp sessions specifically for them. We are passionate about giving children an opportunity to learn how to use tools early and gain confidence in a workshop setting. Giving your child the gift of ARt camp is a parent’s win! There is so much to be gained from this hands-on crafting experience.

Here are just a few benefits parents and children can look forward to from DIY camp:

-Developing a sense of pride in their abilities: “Look what I made!”
-Nurturing the creative side of brains
-Developing fine & gross motor skills
-Instilling confidence in self, in creating, in being in a group setting, in using tools, and in decision making
-Practicing patience, concentration, problem solving, and workflow in a group setting that is positive and engaging
-Stimulating senses by using different tools, mixed media and transforming something simple (piece of wood) into a masterpiece
-Learning the skill of upcycling to be resourceful, eco friendly, and save money
-Using hands and mind to create without being tied to a digital device
-Developing sense of ownership as they create pieces to decorate their own space (bedroom, study area, etc)
-Relaxing while making something that reflects current interests and hobbies and interacting with new friends

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**KIDSCRAFT22 Knox Moms Promo for $25 off expires March 31st**


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