Who Will You Be?

Who Will You Be?
You’ve only been in this world for a short time, but from the moment you entered my life I have wondered: Who will you be?
Will you be an astronaut? A doctor? A businessman? None of that matters. What you do for work doesn’t define you.

It’s not about what you will be, but rather who you will be that means the most.

Will you be kind? Will you be loving? Will you choose to stand up for yourself? Your friends? For what is right?
Will you be passionate for your hopes and dreams? Will you take pride in yourself? Will you respect others? Will you be genuine?
Will you be the player on the field that picks up a teammate after a strike out?
Will you be the classmate that befriends the new kid?
Will you be the person that reaches out to a friend who is struggling?

In a world where what you are often outweighs who you are, I hope you always know exactly who you are. I hope that you know who you are means more to those who love you.

I hope that as you grow, you learn from your mistakes. I hope that you know that everyone makes mistakes and the biggest lessons come from failures. Don’t let failure define you or drown you.
Life is a rollercoaster. You will have peaks and valleys, but what you do between them matters so much more. You’ll experience love and heartbreak. You will experience hard situations, but know that you can follow your heart and not look back.

I don’t know who you will be, but I am going to enjoy seeing you become that person. I will walk in front of you during scary times, beside you when you need guidance and behind you when you are ready to lead.



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