What Will This Kid Say Next? Funny Quotes From My Son’s 3rd Year


What Will This Kid Say Next? Funny Quotes From My Son’s 3rd YearMy son turned three this week, and I can’t help but reminisce over the past year. He has grown and matured so much, and has started to become his own little person. He keeps my husband and me cracking up every day with all the cute, precious and hilarious things he says and does. I am terrified that I will forget these little things that bring us so much joy right now. I find myself wishing I could stop time on a daily basis, so I can savor these moments, and really soak them in and hopefully remember them forever. Of course, there are also moments in each day when I want to fast-forward or just run far, far away. Sometimes, I look forward to a time when he’s a little more self-sufficient, less needy and whiny, and when we can finally all sleep through the night. But the good and the bad balance each other, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world.

I’ve captured a few of our recent conversations and the ridiculous things I find him and myself saying. So, I thought in honor of his birthday, I’d share them here with you:

L: Mommy, look at all the cars and trucks on the road!

Me: I know, baby. Where do you think all these cars and trucks are going?

L: Ummm, probably either to work or “Chick-a-Flay”…or maybe school.


Me: Can you please carry your backpack inside.

L (juggling 27 Hot Wheels and his snack): No, sorry, my hands are too busy.

Me (after he has been very quiet for a few minutes): L, what are you doing?

L (sitting under the dining room table with an open carton of ice cream): I’m eating my breakfast!


Me: Look at the pretty moon!

L: Good night moon and stars, see you soon!

Anyone leaving our house: Bye, see you later!

L: Bye bye, be careful driving home!

Me: L, what are you doing?

L: I’m not doing everything!

L (as I change his diaper): We don’t eat poop.

Me: No we don’t, son. No we don’t.


L: Mommy, are there cars and trucks in my belly?

Me: No buddy, just fruit snacks and pretzels.

L (out of the blue as we’re driving home): Mommy, I LOVE blueberries.

Me (equally excited): Me too!


Mimi: Hi L!

L: Hi Mimi, I like your hair today! But you look really tired.

Feel free to chime in with your own stories. What funny things did your babies say or do that you hope to never forget? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!


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