Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts {with Printable}


Valentine's Day GraphicLast year was my first try at this whole kiddie Valentine’s Day thing. Where did the days go when you just bought a pack of cards and searched frantically for the perfect wording for the perfect person? Now it’s all custom just like everything else, really. And who am I kidding; while I complain about the pressure of all the Pinterest cuteness out there I seriously love the crafty challenge. You know, unless I wait until last minute. Which is always. Then it is a love/hate thing. But all is good.

Anywho…I always get it done. Even if it’s at 2AM. Really, I do love it. Otherwise off to Walgreens I would go.

These were Ethan’s cards from last year…

 Blowing Kisses Valentines-14

He was 18 months at the time and I felt food items were questionable. So bubbles won.

This year though I thought I would give them just a little sweetness.

Valentines Day Card-158

I’ve put together a printable for you to download (minus my child’s name of course!).

Fish Valentine KMB

Valentine Printable

These are super simple to put together. Just click the link, print, cut out and glue some card stock on the back (or don’t…it would be fine without that step if you print the card on sturdy enough paper), throw it in a cellophane bag with some fish and tie with a ribbon!

Valentine’s Day is in the bag!

Isn’t that a good feeling?

Click here for some more of my free Valentine’s Day Printable options.

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