Two Scary Words :: Potty Training


Potty training….two very scary words.

So many potty training methods, ideas, and questions going through your head all at once.

My first son was surprisingly pretty easy to potty train, and it seemed we had started him at the right time.

Fast forward to my youngest son. I started him just about the same timeline I did my first son. I wanted to have the whole summer before his Mother’s Day Out program started in the fall since with an August birthday he would be the youngest in his class. Boy was I in for a roller coaster!

The youngest has always had issues with #2, and guess what, they didn’t magically disappear because I sat him on the potty. There have been many tears, many accidents, and many hours spent in the bathroom.

Potty training isn’t easy, and each child is different. Thankfully we have finally reached a turning point in our journey with the help of Pull-Ups training pants. With Pull-Ups training pants, he was still able to feel like a “big boy” and save me from tons of dirty underwear when he just couldn’t figure out how to make it to the bathroom in time. He had #1 all under control, but it was #2 we continued to struggle with as many parents can relate to this same situation.

Pull Ups Family Dollar Pull Ups Family Dollar 2

With Pull-Ups training pants, you could easily take them off your child with the easy-open sides (life-saver when there has been a huge accident!) and stretchy enough to help your child put them on and off like a big kid. In my house the Never Land Pirates and Lightning McQueen were huge design favorites as we always tried to keep Jake or Lightning “happy” by staying dry and clean. We’ve also been able to find great deals at our local Family Dollar to help us save and train! Right now if you text CARE to 28767 you can receive up to $2.50 in savings (from August 28th and on), and we all could use a little extra in our pockets!

Family Dollar Pull Ups Savings

Potty training isn’t easy, but if you stay consistent and keep trying your child will succeed. It might take a lot of love and patience. What tips would I suggest for potty training after two totally different experiences you ask?

  • Don’t set unrealistic goals.
  • Know there will be accidents.
  • Don’t start potty training during a hectic time (new home, new baby, new school, etc.).
  • Be ready to be present, as it does take more attention than you would ever expect!
  • Be consistent in how you approach potty training (each child is different so do what works for you!).
  • Be supportive and positive (can be difficult when you are frustrated!).
  • Use incentives such as stickers, potty chart, M&M’s, or whatever your child is into at that moment.
  • Make a big deal about wearing big boy/girl underwear and let them choose some fun ones they like.
  • Know that it will have to click with your child, and observe when you think they might have to go (routines help them realize the signs that they need to go).
  • Keep your head up! It can get depressing when you feel like you’ve done everything you can do to help your child. They will get it, but not until they learn to read their body signs.

And don’t forget to get your savings on Pull-Ups from Family Dollar┬áby using the text code!


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