Top 5 “Help Me, Jesus” Activities



We all have bad days — especially toddlers, who can have meltdown after meltdown. Some days it’s a struggle to even make it to 10am. When these days strike, you need to take a deep breath, say a prayer (or several), and have your kid(s) do one of these activities.

Here are my top 5 activities for kids, to save your sanity:


Who says bath time is only before bed? On days when you can’t go outside and nothing seems to be working, go throw them in the bath. You can add anything — pumpkins, food coloring, Legos, etc. Choose items that aren’t regular bath time toys so it’s extra special for them. 


Get a deck of cards and an empty container of oats. Cut a hole big enough in the lid of the container for your child to put the cards through. Hand them the deck of cards and let me go crazy. 


Grab a bunch of empty boxes and throw them all in a room. You can tape some together to build towers, take some apart to make a fort, or put your toddler inside one to color!



Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and get outside. Have them go jump in puddles, a pile of leaves, or just run around. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to give them a change of scenery. If you don’t have a back yard or safe area outside to let them run around, try a different room in the house. Playing in a room that they normally don’t play in is a great alternative.


Drop everything and throw everyone in the car. Seriously, just put on some clothes and get out of the house. Again, a change of scenery can save your soul. Go through a drive thru, order the largest coffee, and turn on some music. Leaving the house doesn’t mean you have to unload all your kids for a play date or activity. It’s just to change things up on a bad day.


What are your go-to toddler activities to help keep you sane?


  1. This is so good and I’m dying over that pic of the toddler feet in the tub! Squeeeee!

    I throw them in the car on bad days. Sometimes they’ll fall asleep in there which gives me a break. Or take them to the gym so I can drop them off and have a few min. Or I’ll bring them to the Oak Ridge library which has an indoor fort and playhouse and other toys to keep them occupied. Or heck, I’ll turn on the TV. Best, cheapest babysitter ever. No shame in my game. 😀

  2. Thank you so much!

    That is an excellent idea! Those are some great options for when you need to survive the day. Thanks for sharing!


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