Things I Want My Daughter To Remember


Things I Want My Daughter To RememberBe nice in high school. No one will remember accomplishments; they will remember how you made them feel.

Do what makes you happy, just make sure it also pays the bills.

Follow your gut. Intuition is usually right.

Grudges are a waste of time. Forgive. Move on.

Be the bigger person even when it’s hard.

Everyone changes their major in college. It’s fine.

Love takes many forms. Just because you express it one way, doesn’t mean another person’s love language is the same.

If you’ve got the cash, then buy the shoes.

Be gentle with yourself. There’s only one of you. Please remember that.

Cheer for everyone. They deserve it.

Boundaries are good. They are healthy. They are necessary. They are also very hard.

If you need help, then please ask for it. Do not struggle through life when someone wants to lend a helping hand.

Treat everyone like they’re someone’s child. Because they are.

Be honest, especially when it’s hard. You won’t regret it.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices. Own them.

Give someone your undivided attention during conversation. It speaks volumes.

Life happens. You’ll struggle, cry, yell, and give up. We all do it.

Invest in yourself. Your knowledge is something you will always carry with you.

No one knows what to do with a newborn baby. Never feel like you aren’t enough of a mother.

You can’t be everything for everyone. Please don’t try to be.

Make time for people. Time is the most important gift in the world.

Don’t get so caught up in being a mother that you forget you’re a wife too. I did and I regret it.

If you want to quit something, then quit. Don’t try to justify it to people. Pick up and move on.

Don’t waste time looking back. It can be dangerous. Look forward. It’s fine if it scares you. It scares everyone.

It’s okay to cry. I bet you’ll feel better after you get it out of your system.

Say yes to things. Then say no. Maybe is fine too. Don’t regret your answer, though.

Love your siblings. One day, when your Dad and I are gone, they’ll be the only family you have left.

Be brave. Kind. Loud. Fiery. Humble. Strong. Stubborn.

Stay true to who you are.

Know God designed you.

And always remember, I love you.


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