Summertime and the Livin’ AIN’T Easy


I’ve got my toes in the water, bottom NOT in the sand

Several worries in my mind

Gripping toddlers with each hand.

Still, life is good today.

Yeah, life is good today.

I am at the pool and have been holding my breath for TWO hours. No, I am not under water. I have four young kids. AT THE POOL. I glance around at the mothers of older children, relaxing, sunbathing, reading a good book. My first thought is…LUCKY. My next thought is…when is the last time I read a book? My third is I AM NOT READY FOR THAT!

As luxurious as it sounds, lounging on a chair is not what I signed up for in this season of life.

My kids are already growing too fast. (Since when can my little boy jump into the pool and paddle across without floaties? Why aren’t the babies strapped into their newborn car seats under an umbrella? Where is that pregnant belly that turned my tankini into a bikini?) Time truly does fly. Sigh…

Alas, this my present reality:

Toes in the water, butt in the sand. Summertime and the Livin' Ain't Easy. Enjoying a non-relaxing summer with littles.

I am knee-deep in the hold-your-breath, “get down,” “be careful,” toddler chasing, boo-boo fixing, story book reading, ever-exploring, constant praying, busy playing, booger wiping, hand washing, diaper changing, snot sucking, baby-proofing, endless question answering, “stop fighting,” being hung on, being climbed on, imaginary playing, obsession indulging, sport shuffling, constant clothes washing, pants peeing, always juggling, not sleeping, being clung to, sucked-clawed-spit-up on, clothes folding, sock searching, play group going, accident dodging, spill wiping, mess cleaning, vomit catching, germ fighting, sweet cuddling, always helping, hand holding, leg hiding, tower building, Lego constructing, kite-flying, dirt digging, worm finding, bug collecting, potty training, always learning, ever-growing, toppling, risk taking, butt wiping, sand eating, “please share,” tantruming, rigid carseat maneuvering, food cutting, fruit pureeing, swing pushing, constant vigilance, tickle torture, snuggling, bed wetting, nightmare reassuring, endless chauffeuring, tummy hurting, food throwing, toy fixing, belly laughing, full-of-wonder, ABC singing, cartoon watching, HOLD MY BREATH season.

And embracing every single second of it before it goes away.

I am exhausted, but when the lounging in the chair time comes, I will wish for these days again. Maybe not when there is a piña colada in my hand and I am in the middle of a really good book, but I will. I know I will. Because when I look at newborns I already do.

  DSC_0871           DSC_0865

This summertime, the livin’ certainly ain’t easy.

Still, life is good today.

Yeah, life is good today.

Embrace each season as it comes. No matter where you are in life, it is where you are meant to be. Tell us: What will you be doing this summer?


  1. You are absolutely correct about enjoying every moment now!! Retirement is glorious, but I would trade places in a heartbeat!! Sending my love. Lucky lady!!


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