Get in My Bag! Monthly Mama Faves {Series}


Hello, ladies! I have some fun things in this post that will simplify your lives. In the daily hustle and bustle of mama life, time savers are welcomed with open arms, am I right?

Let’s get started on my faves for this month. If you’re a procrastinator, like me, you may even find a fun last-minute gift for Mother’s Day.

Maskcara Beauty

Moms who love makeup and moms who are like “Makeup!? What’s makeup?,” this is for you: Long time beauty blogger, Cara, has created her very own line of makeup, made especially for the busy woman on the go. Who has time to search through piles of makeup just for a few of your daily essential items? Cara makes it easy for every mama to grab and go. A palette that has customizable foundations, blushes, shadows, etc., ALL IN ONE!! Yep! Super easy and compact, and even her brushes are double-ended, so you don’t have to dig through 25 makeup brushes to find the one you need. Find out how to order here!

 E.l.f brand Prep and Hydrate Stick, $8

This is the time of year when we are outdoors and our skin takes a beating. This awesome cooling priming and hydrating stick is a must-have for your bag! Not only will it help your foundation stick in the summer weather, but it will also give your skin a drink and make it nice and supple! Yes please!

Bug Soother

If you’ve been to a Knoxville Moms Blog event, then you have more than likely seen or grabbed a bottle of this stuff. We all know that DEET is no bueno, bad, yuck, etc. I am always the first one in a group of people to get murdered by mosquitoes. I was weary the first time I tried this product, but was immediately surprised! Not one bite! It’s made of all-natural ingredients and essential oils, is safe for the whole family and smells amazing! Buh-Bye, chemicals! If you are a DIY hippy mama, here are a few recipes you will LOVE!

Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush in Luminoso, $8

If you want that “glow from within” look for your skin, grab this now! This blush is a perfect mix of peach, pink, and gold, and can also be used as a highlighter. Amazing product, amazing price. Also, great for that fresh summer glow if you have zero time to do anything else to your face.

Doddle and Co. “The Pop,” $9

These look interesting…very interesting. We’ve actually never tried these because I just happened to stumble upon them online, but…we may need one in every color! Where have these been since my first child?!? Not only do these super cool pacifiers come in some fabulous POPS of color, but when dropped, they actually POP! They pop back into themselves, protecting the nipple from landing in something unknown and nasty. This will definitely save some time, frustration and tears, whenever the almighty pacifier is dropped in the sketchiest of places. Praise the paci Gods for this amazing discovery!

Well, there you have it. Some old and some new faves! I must admit, the last one is my NEW fave!! Want to share some of your must-haves? I know we can ALL add some new ones to our list!


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