Succulent Gardening: No Green Thumb Required!


Succulent Gardening: No Green Thumb Required!

All homes need a touch of greenery. It makes the home feel fresh and welcoming. If you are busy or have a black thumb, then succulents are for you! I love planting succulents and giving them as gifts. What can be better than a plant that can be forgotten and take care of itself?

Planting a succulent

There are so many fun options for succulent containers; you probably have some around the house already. My favorite options are vintage items, teacups, dough bowls and galvanized containers. The key to planting succulents is correct drainage. They can survive in virtually any container, but without sufficient drainage your succulent will die from sitting in soggy soil. If you don’t have drainage holes in your container, drill a hole if possible or use pebbles to create a drainage system. Placing pebbles beneath the soil in the bottom of your container will allow water to run out of the soil so it can dry.

Succulents need adequate drainage. They like their feet dry! Image via Pinterest.Care

Succulents love their feet to be dry. That’s why it’s easy to care for them. Don’t over-water! Try to only water the soil and not the succulent directly. Succulents like bright sunlight but NOT direct sunlight. Succulents are easy to propagate and you can grow lots of new babies just by snipping off parts of the existing succulent.

{Vintage container with succulent via}

Succulent containers

Succulent gardens are perfect for summer patio parties. They make pretty centerpieces without being too big and make cute party favors. I use a lot of sentimental items from my travels to plant in. I have a vintage candy box from an anniversary trip in which I put succulents. There are endless options as to what you can plant succulents in.

Succulents are easy to pick up at grocery stores, hardware stores and garden centers. They are so cute and I love to collect them. Do you love to garden? What’s your favorite succulent? Share your tips with us!


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