Spiritual Traditions Add Value To Your Family


Spiritual Traditions Add Value To Your FamilyOur society is changing rapidly and the traditional spiritual traditions that were once standard are increasingly disappearing from daily life. For our family, we have chosen to be intentional about spiritual practices and have found them to have great value. Each of our kids knows that it is part of our family culture and identity.

Tradition is a large part of what connects family members together and bridges the span of one generation to another.

The larger community of faith who gathers in churches, community groups and classes, provides the village we seek when raising a new generation. The extra support found by including a spiritual dimension to your parenting brings benefits to your child that will shape their outlook into adulthood.

Kids need to think beyond themselves.

The last thing I want is to raise humans that think only of self. Traditions like tithing, giving to those in need, sharing with our neighbors and pausing to give gratitude are traits that I hope remain with my children throughout their lives. Part of my parenting practice is to refine the character in my kids. I want them to have role models and develop habits (traditions) that remind them of why character matters. Spiritual traditions are tangible reminders of the values you desire to instill.

Children, kids and teens (along with parents) all gain mental health benefits of shared experiences.

The communal experiences of working toward a goal, saving for project and serving together, create a family culture of togetherness. Whatever my kids face in the future, I want them to know we are going to face it together and I’ve got their back. I want them to know there is a community of fellow families who will show up when the hard days come.

Spirituality provides a more grounded sense of self as part of larger story, minimizing the impact of social media, popularity and the ups and downs of a good vs. bad day.

Children who possess spiritual aspects in their life adopt greater meaning as part of their identity. The principles we provide become a scaffold for their own emerging morality.

Finally, research demonstrates that children raised with spiritual traditions describe themselves as happier, have a more positive outlook on life and handle trauma with greater resilience.

Spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, giving, serving and learning or worshiping together add predictability and structure in our ever-changing culture.

A few practices for today or any day:

  • Keep a gratitude journal as a family. You can write each day or as you identify experience for which a family member is grateful. Mom, you can help your little ones learn to be thankful and write it down for them. As kids get older, let them have access to write their own gratitude thoughts.
  • Attend church together and find a place to serve. Volunteer to deliver meals or work at shelter. Get to know your neighbors and school mates and step in to help where needed.
  • Attend a traditional sedar meal or participate in communion as a family.
  • Let your children see you give away something you value to another. This could be time, clothing, money, etc. When they are old enough, encourage your child to give as well.
  • Read together about spiritual matters. My personal favorite has bee “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” We usually read it together at mealtime (it was the only time I could get all the kiddos together and quiet).

There are many ways to communicate what is important and to create family traditions. Help shape your child’s identity for a lifetime with timely values that remain relevant. Spiritual practices are a way that continues to keep your children connected and provide a constant source truth in our changing world.

How does your family include spiritual traditions in your family life?

Extra reading: Science Says Religion is Good For Your Health from Forbes and Religious Upbringing and Adolescence from Institute for Family Studies.


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