She’ll Be All Right

Right now, it feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Social media is full of anger. Anger about masks. Anger about police brutality. Anger about racism. Anger about politics. Anger about schools opening. Anger about schools not opening. Everything is heavy. 

But, she’ll be all right.

She keeps a smile on her face in front of the kids even though she has anxiety filling her heart. The laundry is piling up and the house is in constant turmoil since they never leave.

But, she’ll be all right.

She buys fun masks in hopes that the kids enjoy wearing them out. She questions play dates and hesitates on visitors. She knows that she won’t always make the right decision and it keeps her up at night.

But, she’ll be all right.

She knows that time doesn’t stop, pandemic or not. She sees her kids growing and learning despite it being summer. She sees the kids playing, laughing and smiling and knows that they too, will be all right.
She knows this shall pass, along with every other stage she’s been thrown. She worries about the kids, about her spouse, about herself but she hasn’t lost hope. Hope for a new normal that we can handle, less anger and more peace.
Right now, mamas are feeling the weight of the world resting perfectly on their shoulders.

But, they’ll be all right.


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