Romance Your Partner While Raising Teens


Romance Your Partner While Raising TeensHow can we remain a couple while in the middle of parenting? It’s a challenge at every stage of parenthood, and maybe it peaks in the teen years. I can’t say, and it’s probably different for everyone, but we find ourselves in the thick of parenting teenagers, so that is my perspective.

The teens are awesome, but my man has my heart, so here is how I’m striving to communicate my affection:

Embrace A Mini Date.

Take advantage of the newer independence that your teens have. Now you can drop them off for events, youth group or whatever. Use the hour or two without them to meet your mate for dinner. Don’t run errands (at least not every time), get some quality time with your honey instead. Every now and then, eat dinner alone together at the table. Maybe light some candles. It’s okay if the adolescents notice; they will appreciate the love your family has created. Personally, we try to have a lunch date weekly.

Lock The Door!

It’s tough to relax with our man when we know any kids are home, but lock that door and enjoy some adult time without interruption. A back rub (or more) helps to keep connected during busy weeks and seasons. We can fool our little children, but with teenagers at home, use your locks! No matter your love language, it’s important to enjoy some Sneaky Snuggle Time!

Laugh It Out!

Let yourself be lighthearted with your partner. Lately, we enjoy some parallel playtime together by scrolling the memes and reels on our individual phones. I’m particularly tickled by silly cats while my spouse seems amused by random children behaving badly. Whatever makes you laugh together, do more of that.

Create Small Rituals.

There is power in knowing you can count on someone. Little things like cleaning dishes together, walking the dogs each evening or morning smooches before parting ways. These gestures add up to create positive connections and reinforce the bond you have created.

Dream Of A Getaway.

Set a goal for a couple-only vacation and dream a bit. When you get a chance, start saving and make it happen. We are dreaming of London right now and while there are so many things ahead of that in priority, dreaming now means we can make it a goal someday.

Parenthood might throw us some challenges, but it also provides countless opportunities to nurture our relationship in creative and unexpected ways. From stealthy snuggle sessions to spontaneous dates when the moment is ripe, these light-hearted tips will help you keep the romance alive while you juggle curfews, boundaries and emerging freedoms.

Embrace the changes and find joy in each moment to let your love story grow. You might find yourself growing closer to your partner at just the time your teen is exerting his or her independence.


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