The Perfect Family Ride: The Toyota 4Runner Limited


Life is so busy with work, school and activities! For our lifestyle, a safe and convenient SUV is a top priority when we select a car. I’ve been driving a Toyota 4Runner Limited since 2009. When Knoxville Moms Blog and Toyota of Knoxville offered me the chance to be a part of the Toyota Driver Experience, I jumped at the chance to try a new 4Runner!

For the #toyotadriverexperience, I drove the 2018 Toyota 4Runner Limited for the month of September to review the features and share my experience from our partners at Toyota of Knoxville.

While picking up the Toyota 4Runner, the dealership gave a great lesson on all the awesome feature the 4Runner offers. There were a few things that were different from my older 4Runner, but I was glad to see my favorites were still there! I immediately loved the new body style and interior too…beautiful, safe and functional!

{The Toyota 4Runner is great for holding all the things! I love the space for holding all of my work, groceries and kid things.}

Here’s what I love about the Toyota 4Runner Limited SUV:

I am in the car a lot of the day for work and family activities. I use the time on my drive to work and job site visits to catch up on returning phone calls. The hands free feature makes this so easy and safe to do. I can call, voice text and listen to my favorite music. A back up camera makes parking in tight spots a breeze. The dash is well put together and makes driving a nicer experience. It also has a sunroof, which I always love as well for my office on wheels. It also can hold all the things! I packed it full with plants for a big front porch install and it held everything nicely. I didn’t have to make separate trips. The seats fold down easily for more room too. I also have enjoyed having seat coolers on these hot fall days!

{The kids were excited to join in on the fun! They really enjoyed how easy it is to get in and out of.}

It’s the perfect family car.

It’s easy for little ones to get in and out for school drop offs and pickups. It is also easy to hook up car seats and move them around. In my 4Runner, I am also usually hauling our family Golden Doodles with us everywhere and they love the back window can open. All of the sports equipment fits easily with room for groceries and the other things I haul for work. The rubber mats are amazing too! It’s easy to keep clean with features like these and leather seats. And most importantly…it’s safe!

{It’s easy to get around in all kinds of weather and parking situations.}

There are so many great features on the Toyota 4Runner Limited. It’s safe, roomy and pretty! It was a great experience to compare my older 4Runner and see all my favorite things were still there with some great upgrades. Such a great experience from Toyota of Knoxville!



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