New Lakeshore Playground in Knoxville


On May 8th, the City of Knoxville had a grand opening of Lakeshore Park’s latest woodland playground, generously donated by Ann and Joe Huie. Nestled in the northeast corner of the park, the Huie Woodland Playground is a one-of-a-kind, nature-themed oasis designed to ignite children’s imaginations and curiosity.

Lakeshore Playground
This spot is located on the front side of the park if you enter from Lyons View Park, go to the first parking lots on the the top of the hill. Park there and you will see signage pointing you in the right direction.

This new addition, located within an existing woodland and ravine, breathes life into a previously underused section of Lakeshore Park. With two primary entrances easily accessible from nearby parking and the outer loop trail, visitors are drawn into this enchanting space. Children can explore a variety of features including a 12-foot embankment slide, boulder scramble, log ladder, and log stair, all nestled within the natural landscape.

At the heart of the playground lies a collection of play elements such as log stacks, tunnels, huts, swings, and see-saws, providing endless opportunities for nature-inspired play and social interaction.

The playground’s design harmonizes with its surroundings, utilizing wood, rock, and boulders to accentuate the natural beauty of the area. Custom wood structures like bridges, benches, and sculptural trees add a unique charm to the space, while preserving the existing tree canopy ensures ample shade and a sense of enclosure.

As part of ongoing enhancements to Lakeshore Park, the Huie Woodland Playground joins a lineup of playground offerings, including the traditional Hank Rappé Playground and the Lakeshore Playground. Currently, renovations are underway for the Lakeshore Playground and adjacent pavilion, while the Tower Playground near the baseball complex promises taller structures and distinct features for older children.

Experience the magic of the Huie Woodland Playground—a haven where children can explore, play, and connect with nature in the heart of Knoxville.



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