My Wedding Wasn’t The Best Day Ever


My Wedding Wasn’t The Best Day Ever I was one of the first of my friends to do just about everything. First to get married, first to have kids. Even now, as a mom to a five- and six-year-old, I still have friends getting engaged and starting their own families. I get asked all the time for advice on what I would do differently about my wedding or what they should REALLY register for on their baby registry.

Being asked this has made me realize that my wedding really wasn’t the best day ever.

You are probably reading this thinking, “Geeze Kelci, that is kind of harsh,” but I mean it in the best way. You see, I spent thousands on my dream wedding; it was really epic and almost 10 years later, I STILL have people remind me of how much fun they had. I love that. I LOVE that people loved celebrating us and with us.

Now that time has passed and so much life has happened, I have realized that so many other amazing days have happened since then.

Now, when people ask me for advice, I tell them that it really is just ONE day. It goes by fast and the saying is true that the best really is yet to come. Why would I want my wedding day to be the climax of my relationship with my husband? It really should just be the beginning of the best days ever. Some of my most favorite times with my husband have even been on really sad days, when we have had to help each other get through losing a job, or a parent, or a friend. We have had to battle health concerns and becoming new parents. Fortunately, a lot of communication and arguments have made us stronger and better people.

My husband helping me bring two babies into the world was the best day ever. Seeing him coach our daughter in softball or sit in the stands watching the other one cheer has been the best day ever. Celebrating career accomplishments and buying a new home have been the best day ever. Heck, sometimes we even consider a kid-free day as the best day ever!

My life is far from perfect and my marriage is far from perfect. I am not a perfect mom and will never pretend to be. In the world we live in today, we realize more than ever how fragile life is and how fleeting time is. I know these will one day be the good ole days.

There are so many days in which I just want to stop time (and some on which I want to hit fast-forward), but I keep looking back and thinking, those were the best days, and I am looking forward to a lot more ordinary best days ever.


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