My Husband is My Best Friend


My Husband is My Best FriendMy husband is my best friend. It’s true. He became my best friend when I was 16 and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Any time an event comes up and I’m told I can bring a friend, the person I want to bring is my husband. Do I have girl friends that would rather eat brunch or paint pictures of trees? Of course! But my immediate reaction every time someone says bring a friend is: I wonder if my husband is free? (Not that he would even want to go eat brunch or paint anyway, though).

Every movie you watch or every book you read, it’s always a dynamic girl duo taking on the world. It’s a girl friend that gets to know all the secrets and be the maid of honor for not only the wedding, but basically for life. You mention “my person,” and everyone knows you’re talking about the Christina Yang to your Meredith Grey.

That’s not my case.

I’ve always felt a little bit inadequate when it comes to living in a girl’s world for a long list of reasons, but the biggest one is the fact that my husband truly is my best friend and has been since high school. If I get a chance to spend time with anyone, I want it to be him. If I have the ability to go out to eat, I want him to go with me. If I get a few hours kid free, I want to spend it doing everything, but also doing nothing, with him.

He’s my confidant and has been for ten years. He’s the one I want to turn to any time I get the opportunity. He’s the one that will call me out when I need to hear I’m levitating off the ground and he’s the one that brings me back to earth. He’s the one I want to tell everything to, even though he doesn’t care to hear most of it sometimes.

I don’t say any of this to make you think I am dependent on him and can’t function without him; that isn’t the case. It’s simply that if I ever get a moment, I want him to be there with me.

He’s my person.

Girl friends are an important part of life, don’t get me wrong. Women need the comradery and community of support that can only be found with girls. As much as I love my husband, there will be some things that he just can’t understand and never will. I feel so refreshed any time I get the chance to go out or spend time with other women.

Women need women. That is undeniable.

I need a support system of women in my life that have birthed babies, raised children, and are in the trenches of motherhood along with me. I need friends to tell me about their struggles so I can realize that I’m not alone on this journey of trying to raise kids while I’m still growing up myself.

None of that though changes the fact that my husband is who I always turn to first. I do it because I want to. He’s been my person since the day we crossed paths and I want him to be my person for as long as I live.

He’s not perfect and neither am I, but he’s my person and I never want to change that.

Here’s to the best friend husbands.

We love you!


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