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Six years ago, I started a private blog when I found out I was pregnant with my first child to document the pregnancy and my baby girl’s milestones, both big and small. I have written her letters for when she is older and recorded funny stories and memories that I never want to forget. I had no desire to share those with the world.

While documenting her first year, I started using writing as a way of grieving, celebrating, and growing. 

Three and a half years ago, I nervously sent in two writing samples in hopes of potentially becoming a “Mommy Blogger.” {Side note: the phrase “mommy blogger” makes me cringe, but that’s for another day.} I sent in my writing samples without telling anyone and not getting my hopes up.

On that day, when bravery overcame nerves and self-doubt, I had no idea what was to come. I have come to acquire the most amazing things from pushing send on that email:

1. I learned to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability leads to connections. Connections as a writer to a reader, as a reader with a writer, and most importantly, human-to-human connections. Talking about the hard stuff — miscarriage and infant loss, death of a parent, divorce, financial burdens, etc. — connects you with others going through similar situations. Writing those words for the whole internet to see, dissect, and react to has led to the ability to connect with people near and far. Sharing your life with strangers is scary, but when readers comment that they can relate, it makes it easier to share those stories with you.

2. I have been able to write personal blogs to my kids, my husband, and my family. 

I have been able to share my love of those people with the entire internet. I have the ability to shout my thoughts and feelings on a very public platform. 

3. I have met some of the strongest women in this world.

Women who have been through hell, women who have carved their own paths with careers, women who have being a stay-at-home mom on lock, and women who balance work life and home life like a freaking boss. As a reader, there are many stories I may not be able to relate to, but I can feel the struggles, see the strength and create an admiration of those women. 

4. I have felt support and gained confidence.

They say that motherhood is the hardest job in the world. It never ends. You can’t clock out of being a mom. You can’t hide in your bedroom when you just need to escape the demands {I’ve tried…they ALWAYS find you}. But sharing my struggles with you and reading supportive comments and messages warms my soul. Knowing that I am not alone in the chaos makes this job bearable. 

5. I have learned to embrace the criticism.

There are some mean people in the world and many times, hiding behind a screen, those people like to share their thoughts. They like to tell you that you are wrong, a horrible mother because of this and that, and judge every decision you have made. It has given me a thicker skin and has encouraged me to teach my girls to be kind and accepting of people. 

6. I have gained the most amazing friends.

Making friends is tough. Making friends while being a mom, whether you stay at home or are a working mom, is so hard! I have friends to call on for babysitting recommendations, home improvement contractors, or when it’s been a really hard day and need to vent. To all the women of the Knoxville Moms Blog: I truly love you, appreciate each one of you, and love to hear your stories and ideas. You are strong, funny, and creative women. You, and all the Mommy Bloggers out there, are AH-MAZING. 

Mommy Bloggers of the world:

You are brave. You are inspiring. You are funny. You are amazing. Please, keep sharing your life with us. The mundane to the life changing stories, you give readers the chance to relate, to feel inspired and to laugh. Parenthood is messy, stinky, and frustrating, but it’s also beautiful and fun. Keep on keeping on, y’all. 


Please keep reading our stories. Please share our stories. Please leave us {pleasant} comments and messages. You are the reason we write. We write to connect to you. To show you that you are not alone. To give you stories to laugh at and to cry with. Share your stories, too!

Keep a blog for your kids, your spouse, or just for yourself.


  1. You are a gifted writer. Your choice of words penetrate into our hearts and minds. We are truly blessed by your unselfish written words of encouragement, your words of compassion for others, your valuable lessons in life based on real experiences, your love for your family and friends, your passion for reaching out and putting your thoughts out there so others can relate and not feel alone, and your precious time shared with us. We love you. We are proud of the person, wife, mother, daughter-in-law that you are. Keep writing…keep blessing our world!


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