Mid-Summer Meltdown


It’s July, which for some of us means that there are four weeks left of summer. As the heat gains sweltering momentum, we are all literally melting, but perhaps we are all facing another meltdown as well. Let me rephrase…

For some, there are ONLY four weeks left of summer! And for others, it means, “Uggggh, there are STILL four weeks left of summer!”

Mid-Summer Meltdown
What do you see in this photo? Is this person about to excitedly leap out of the water or are they sinking in summer?

Regardless of which camp you’re in, what are you going to do with these remaining four weeks?

Are you going to try to squeeze in every last activity or just take it slow?

Are you going to start back-to-school planning and shopping or hold off until the last possible second?

Are you going to take any trips or plan any staycations?

Do you have regrets about the summer thus far or are you happy with how it has gone?

Take these four weeks and make the most of them. Whether that means chucking the “bucket of fun” list and just letting the summer days take over or checking off every last item. Of course there’s always the happy medium of letting the kids choose their top few items and working in the lazy days around those.

This year, we front-loaded summer and now I can only think about a story my mother-in-law vividly recalls from when my husband and his siblings were young. She had a full week of fun planned and loaded them in the car one day to head to the aquarium, only to be met by a collective sigh. When she asked what was wrong, they asked if they could just stay home and play. After the last few weeks of non-stop camps, outings, and adventures, I can honestly say my kids are in the same boat.

All too soon, the hectic back-to-school schedules, fall activities, and routine will be upon us. My plan, and unsolicited advice, is to let loose the rest of the summer. The relaxation will do wonders for both you and your kids. More lazing by the pool, less running to event after event. More spontaneous shrieks of laughter while running through the sprays from the garden hose, and fewer grand outings to the over-crowded water park. More child-led play where their creativity takes over and they get absorbed in nature for hours and less structured learning time. Less worrying about the state of the house, and more concern with the state of the memories.

Let their smile be your guide. If they are completely listless or you’re going crazy, by all means, venture out! But if they’re content, why not revel in their unbridled joy?

Whether you’re ready for summer to be over or never want it to end, the fact of the matter is we have about four weeks. How are you going to make the most of it?


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