Me Time: Because, KIDS.



What the heck is “Me Time”?

Me Time to me is sacred. It’s that 10pm-2am hustle with my bestie as we text back and forth about our new business. It’s getting to use the bathroom alone. It’s staring into space taking a deep breath listening to silence. It’s driving around solo blasting your favorite song. It’s sipping a cup of hot coffee or a bottle glass of wine watching your favorite shows. It’s that time that revives your soul. It is absolutely necessary to include that into your day. It might not happen everyday but it’s something every momma should find.

I think this is the first thing to go as soon as you become a mom. You are so concerned about your teeny tiny tot, your partner, older kiddos, work, etc., etc., that you forget to prioritize yourself. This is such an important part of self-care that NEEDS to fit into your time. Think about what helps get you through the day/week/month.

Is it a spa day? Girls’ Night Out? Writing? Being creative? Going to a movie? Watching an episode on Binge Watching Netflix? Meditating/praying? Getting involved in your community? 

Whatever it is, find it and make time in your schedule for it.


I attended an amazing event this past Monday and wanted to share it with you. It was called Knoxville Maker City Summit by Make Knox. It was their inaugural event and they killed it.


It was a day of discussion about public policy and the local maker movement. They brought together representatives from Etsy, Mayor Madeline Rogero, local leaders in the Knoxville community, HGTV and other media outlets to discuss the talent and incredible creativeness right here in Knoxville.


There were many moms there who were pursing their passion; whether that was photography, graphic design, making jewelry, clothing, or stationary, and so much more.

It was so refreshing to see moms passionate about their work and make time for themselves and what drives them. Who would’ve known that my middle-of-the-night-idea to start my own GameDay clothing line for women would turn into something? That would’ve never happened if I didn’t make time for myself.


Overall, that event was an amazing reminder to make yourself a priority. There are so many ways for you to become involved in the Knoxville community, build relationships, and pursue your passion. Don’t let yourself get put on the back burner! Make goals for yourself, find friends to hold you accountable, and create some Me Time to fuel your soul…even if that means using the bathroom alone. That is a HUGE accomplishment.

What do YOU do during your “Me Time”? I want to know, ladies!


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