Making Our Community a Destination By Shopping Small

Making Our Community a Destination By Shopping Small
Photo credit: City of Knoxville

Take a moment and think of your city. What do you love about it? In Knoxville, we are lucky to have breathtaking views of the mountains, wonderful neighborhoods, schools, shops and restaurants. Can you imagine a city without your favorite places to visit? It’s sad to think about an empty neighborhood with no more cute little lunch spots and boutiques. Local is what makes our community!

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to shop local:

  1. Your dollars go further in the local economy. Entrepreneur Magazine states for every $100 spent locally, $68 stay in the community. For $100 spent at a chain store, only $43 stay local.
  2. Local businesses support your fundraisers. Local businesses are invested in their community and are always ready to help. If you are asking for a donation, please support this business.
  3. You create local jobs. Small businesses hire local people, and provide better wages and hours.
  4. Local businesses make your community unique. You don’t want your home to look like everyone else’s, so why would you want your city to look like that?
  5. Local businesses provide more choice. When you shop local, an owner knows what their shoppers want and love. They bring in unique items for their own individual markets.
  6. Small shops small. Small businesses will support other small businesses by buying their goods and supplies.
  7. You took advantage of their expertise. You are their friend and neighbor and a local business has the interest in serving you best. They are passionate about what they do.
Photo credit: Southmade Marketing.

When you shop local, you create a destination! The more unique and interesting your city is, the more people will move into our area and visit. This benefits everyone!

What’s your favorite local business? 


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