If It Makes You Feel Pretty, Do It


To some this article may seem vain, but I think being the best version of myself is fundamental to me being the best mother I can be. This includes, but is not limited to, loving myself. I struggled with loving myself before getting pregnant, primarily due to a toxic relationship that did nothing for my self-worth. Since becoming a mom, the reflection in the mirror has become harder to look at. It is not all about the mirror because true beauty is found within, but let’s be realistic; it matters. If it didn’t, things like Photoshop and makeup wouldn’t exist, and 99% of us wouldn’t be using those things in our daily lives.

I was only 21 when I got pregnant with my favorite surprise.

From my already thin hair becoming even thinner, to constantly being pale from lack of sun, never doing my nails, hardly wearing makeup, being perpetually exhausted…I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t have much baby weight, but when I quit breastfeeding, I put on weight. I’ve been skinny my whole life — some would argue that I still am — but gaining weight is something that makes me feel out of my skin.

I understand that things change after experiencing the miracle of growing a life inside you — I get it and I want all moms to understand this, too.

You have changed and your body has changed. Finding your confidence again seems like a lost cause in the busy world of motherhood, but it’s important. Do it. Make it a priority. Never stop considering how you feel about yourself because it 100% reflects on your children as they grow. Let’s not teach our children self-hatred.

It is hard. My daughter is three and I’m still dieting and investing in products to make me feel better. Instead of living in self-loathing, I am doing things that make me feel confident in the body that grew a child. I’m doing things that make me feel more comfortable being in photos with my daughter and teaching her how to be a confident girl. I wish I could roll out of bed and feel pretty, but that’s not always true. If I can look in the mirror and walk away feeling confident in this skin, I am going to do it. You should, too. 

In my mission to make sure all moms continue to love themselves through big changes like babies, I’m going to share a few of my favorite products and indulgences that help me feel more comfortable in my skin:

1. Self-tanner

Tanning is bad for you and your skin, especially without sunscreen. It can also be time consuming and expensive. However, I feel 100x better about myself if I have some color on my skin. Do some people side-eye me for a fake tan? Probably. But I don’t care — it isn’t about them. The two pictured above are my favorites. I have tried tons and I love the seamless application of a tanning mousse with a tanning mitt as opposed to the thousands of other options. These are drugstore products and affordable. 

2. Painting my nails


Regular polish chips faster than other options, but it’s less damaging, less time consuming than a salon appointment, and cheaper. I found the Nina brand a couple years ago and it dries really fast (a mom must) and I love their color selection. It usually lasts me 5-7 days with a topcoat. I have several colors now! 

3. Lash extensions


This is a luxury and I know it’s not in the cards for everyone. I have blonde, short lashes on small eyes. I rarely left the house without mascara before. I’ve been doing extensions for over a year now and don’t plan on going back. I can get out of bed and go without having to do anything, and not feel totally down about myself. Thankfully, I have a friend who does them for a fair price so it’s something I can keep in my budget because it’s important to me. It also saves me time, which is a major plus. If you choose this route, make sure to find someone who is certified and will treat you with care, otherwise you risk ruining your lashes. I would know.

4. Microblading


In addition to my blonde thin lashes, I have blonde thin eyebrows. You can’t see them at all if I don’t fill them in and I also dye my hair dark brown. Everyone thinks I’m joking until I show them a photo. So, I got my brows microbladed. This is different from permanent make-up as it does fade over time, but the touch ups are less expensive and are needed only every 12 months or so. Again, do your research before opting to have this done.

5. Clinique Superpowder Doubleface Makeup


Best stuff ever. If I have a tan, I feel completely fine with smoothing out my imperfections with this powder and heading out the door. It lasts a while, it’s one step, and gives me full coverage without feeling heavy. If I don’t have a tan, I do the same thing 5-10 times. This is a makeup bag staple for sure. 

These things aren’t necessities for everyone, but they really help me. If it’s hair extensions or a new color, eye shadow or some perfume, a new top or leggings…it doesn’t matter what others think, it matters how YOU feel. DO IT. 

If you have a product that makes you feel beautiful in your skin, share it below! I love trying new things!



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