Last Minute Teacher Gift Ideas


I don’t know about you, but having kids means I pretty much do everything last minute now. That was so not the case pre-kids, but it has certainly helped me realize that sometimes doing things the easy way is a-okay! With the end of the school year approaching quickly, it’s time for teacher gifts so here a few quick, easy and thoughtful ideas…

1. Flowers

A simple bouquet or plant with a thank you note is sure to cheer anybody’s day. It’s perfect when you aren’t sure of someone’s personality or wishes. In fact, this is what I did for the teachers in our lives this year!

Teach Gift Ideas-17

I picked up these potted succulents at Lowes for $6 a piece and jazzed them up with a ribbon, a chalkboard sign and a glitter star.

2. Classroom Supplies

This may not sound exciting, but from what I hear, most teachers end up buying some of their own classroom supplies. Why not help them out by gifting some to them to start the next year! I love this reusable cup of sharpies from Slice of Heaven or this cute bucket of supplies from Fit, Crafty, Stylish and Happy.

3. Yummy Treats

If you have a little time homemade treats are always a thoughtful gift or if you aren’t a baker why not hit up the local bakery for fresh muffins or delicious cupcakes? Pair these with a Starbucks gift card and I’m sure it will put a smile on their face. Or, you could pair candy with fun printouts like this one from eighteen25.

4.  Summer Fun Items

I’m pretty sure that teachers are as excited about summer as our kids so why not give them something that will help them get ready for the season! Beach towels with a travel sized sunscreen bottle would be perfect, or you could use the “summer in a jar” idea from Raising Up Rubies.

5. Simple Pleasures

Some of my favorite gifts are the little things that you don’t often get for yourself. Nail polish, Starbucks gift cards, or a little movie basket with a Redbox gift card, popcorn and candy…all of these items are fairly inexpensive and are sure to make your teachers feel loved!

What do you like gifting the special teachers in your life? We’d love to hear about your ideas!




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